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Afadzato South NPP Must Communicate- Manfred Afram


Afadzato South NPP Must Communicate- Manfred Afram

“They told you infrastructure we go chop when Mahama wanted to construct the Eastern corridor road and booommm, here they are putting up a church for your brothers and sisters laid off from the banking sector to pray…”. This isn’t a hoax. It is spreading like bushfire in the constituency. And of course we know where it is coming from hence we should not be surprised. Where is our communication team to educate our people? Should we lay that responsibility at the doorstep of the Communication Director and his team while every patriot there must pick up the mantle and boldly explain to the constituents that the incorruptible first gentleman of our land isn’t committing a dime of the tax payer’s money into this project.

I have a big head but not that of two. Certainly another head in addition to mine will find answers to questions bothering some concerned Patriots. Polling Station Executives feel more detached from the party than even the members so how do we expect them to champion this task when the very last time they saw the constituency executives was during the constituency election.

It is sad right?, Well, I believe the executives also have their own challenges therefore it will be too early to hung them for a job poorly done.

The Polling Station Executives and the entire membership of the New Patriotic Party need concrete and precise information on happenings in the country to educate the masses. Here, I think the communication Director and his team need a different plan in approaching their task; the current one is definitely not working. People say it is because our Communication Director is not residing in the constituency but my answer to this view is; it doesn’t really matter since we are in the year 2018 and hey, we have lots of channels to communicate.

But then on second thought, do our people even listen to the only radio station located in the constituency? Is the team properly structured to do business even if the head of department is not physically present in the constituency? Is it an issue of finance? I will be the greatest liar if I don’t appreciate his efforts in the various Party WhatsApp groups especially on the ‘Afadzato South Youth for NPP’ group where there are always topics geared towards the growth of the Party in the constituency.

Stronger structures within the party should be what our energy and attention must be directed at but not fighting one another. Let us focus on building a party that is responsive with its leaders constantly in touch with the base and not jabbing one another. Let us empower and involve the Polling Station Executives in the communication team so information can go down to the masses. Our president is doing so much. Let’s preach the good work to our people and stop the infighting. It does not befit us.

Development in Freedom is our motto. Let us practice it!

So you know, we have been tasked by our constitution to;
i. Protect and promote the good name of the Party;
ii. Protect the unity of the Party;
iii. Be loyal and truthful to the Party;
iv. Abide by and publicly uphold the decisions of the Party;
v. Carry out his or her duties faithfully and with honesty to the best of his or her ability.
vi. Participate fully in the activities of the Party and ensure that the local organs of the Party work effectively and accountably.
vii. Pay dues as well as give donations for special programmes and activities as may be decided from time to time by the Party.
viii. Not initiate, commence or prosecute any legal proceedings whatsoever against the party or any other member of the Party relating to party affairs, without first having exhausted the grievance procedure laid down in the Constitution in respect of grievances against the Party or any other member.

Thank you for the time.

– From A Conscious Patriot
Manfred Afram
Polling Station Chairman, Have Agome
Acting President, Afadzato South Youth for NPP

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