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Voters register: US warns citizens as Parties stage 3rd demo


The Inter-Party Resistance against the New Voter Register is today holding its third demonstration Accra in opposition to plans by the electoral commission to compile new voters register for the December 7 polls.

A leading member of the group Hassan Ayariga has told Morning Starr that the “EC has a solution, but are now looking for a problem”.

Today’s demonstration comes in the wake of announcement by the commission that the new registration exercise will begin April 18.

A meeting between the parties and the eminent advisory committee ended inconclusively. The EC however in a statement said the majority of stakeholders who attended the meeting agreed to a new register.

But in a reaction, the parties said: “The Resistance finds it curious that, less than 12 hours after the meeting, the agreed communique with the Eminent Advisory Committee has not been released but rather al deceptive and misleading verdict of what transpired has been reported by a party in the deliberation, the EC. This points to the fact that, the EC could be misleading the Eminent Advisor and using them to advance a parochial interest of embarking of this wasteful self-serving expedition. Clearly, we were not invited to advance a consensus at all.

“We therefore in the interest of transparency and fairness demand the EAC to release the agreed communique read and approved by the parties involved in the dialogue and take steps to proceed with the content as agreed. For the avoidance of doubt we agreed, the meeting was inconclusive and that the avenue for continuous dialogue should be opened so as to allow parties to arrive at a consensus and whiles at it, a platform should be created for technical teams of the political parties to engage with the EC technical team.”

Meanwhile, the United States embassy in Ghana has warned its citizens in the country to be cautious as the demonstration could be volatile.