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Video: Kwaku Bonsam Storms Church to Retrieve Juju From Pastor


Ghanaian celebrity Jujuman, Nana Kwaku Bonsam has caused a scene and he is currently trending on social media after he stormed a church to collect his juju from a pastor.

The celebrity herbalist was heard in the video lamenting how he is going to die if he is unable to retrieve his juju from the man of God ─ apparently, his gods weren’t happy with how the pastor was using the juju hence the directive to retrieve it to avoid danger.

He was heard shouting on the pastor that about 1,600 pastors he is serving with juju will lose something precious should the gods kill him because of his abuse of the juju.

In the video, the pastor asked about how he got to know Kwaku Bonsam disclosed that a friend introduced him and they have even worked for quite a long time.

He mostly convinces people and takes them to Kwaku Bonsam for spiritual assistance, dupe them in the end and then share the money among themselves.

According to the man of God, the juju Kwaku Bonsam gave him to establish his own church in Kumasi never worked and after returning it to him, he rejected it and encouraged him to take it back.

He then gave the juju to another traditionalist since it wasn’t working for him and that’s the reason for Kwaku Bonsam’s actions.

Watch the video below.

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