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UDS Wa Campus General Election Rumors Part 4



The much anticipated development of UDS Wa Campus will continue to be an illusion if students continue to vote for selfish student leaders. As an ardent follower of Student Politics, I have realized a change in the campaigning style of our aspirants especially the SRC Presidential candidates in this year’s SRC/NUGS election. They have relegated the usual antiquated style of sending ‘motivational quotes’ on social media and the “door to door I bring you greetings from the camp of Team soso and so”. I like the fact that almost all of them are presenting to us what they intend doing when they are been given the node to serve the highest intellectual realm of Upper West Region. Albeit, some of these policies are unrealistic. Over the years, whenever election approaches, student activists always preach against voting based on tribalism, nepotism, favoritism, sentimentalism, religiousness and sectarianism yet we have always been having leaders who eliminate student welfare and prioritize the political principle of self-enrichment.

That was just by the way. I needed to catapult you into the election realm after many of you have lost interest in the 2016/2017 SRC/NUGS election. As a good citizen with the love for God and UDS, I encourage you not to loose hope but kindly go to the polls tomorrow and vote wisely. As Abraham Lincoln said, ” Elections belong to the people. It’s their decision. If they decide to turn their back on the fire and burn their behinds, then they will just have to sit on their blisters”. Louis- Ferdinand Celine has never voted in his life because he has always known and understood that the idiots are in a majority so it’s certain they will win. Let us not find comfort in his opinion but be motivated with the words of David Foster Wallace that “In reality, there is no such thing as not voting: you either vote by voting, or you vote by staying home and tacitly doubling the value of some Diehard’s vote”.

Having said that, let’s take a look at the SRC PRESIDENTIAL ASPIRANTS, where they are likely to have their votes from, why such votes and what their running mate brings on board. I have the pen: you decide.


With Stephen Kwadwo Yeboah(SKY) pulling out from the race, Nich is likely to gain more votes from the Bachelor of Commerce level 400 class if only they will be willing to come out to vote. His reinstatement has been an advantage as well as a disadvantage. After some months of court issues, he has gain some votes as some students have the perception that he has fought for his rights and hence he is a true activist and are willing to support him. He has lost votes of others too because they feel his fight for a come back was due to his selfish greed for political power. He has some votes from the IBS 400 class as he comes to the race with his running mate LAMBERT who is a native of this region and a student of that class. Nich’s running mate has links which will help them.

2. *STEPS*

His experience from last year’s election has made him strategize with more of the underground campaign. He is widely known to be affiliated to a political party of which his running mate, Parahindo belongs to it’s opposition. In as much as Parahindo could fetch him votes from his end, Steps is likely to loose vote from his own end. He has more votes from Upper West Hall and he is one of the favorites.


He popped up from no where and his name is on the lips of many students. Only time will tell if his name was on the thumb of students. As a former CASA president, he could have more votes from his church members. The trend of our student politics could have been the motive for a Christian Joe Gama’s choice in a Muslim Rauf as a running who could fetch him more votes from IBS level 400, a class he was once a corse rep. As a Christian leader, many expected he would have canvased more votes from the Christian fraternity. Surprisingly, his campaign team is full of individuals who are not soo religious. Thus, Party Boys, my bet squad, etc.


His experience as GASP President and his public speaking ability could fetch him more votes. Alhassan Yakubu, a former BUSA Vice President comes with rich experience in student leadership gives him an advantage. Comparatively, he is a bit reluctant in campaigning. The allegations which was levied against his led administration as GASP president coupled with AY’s vice presidency with BUSA which might have fetched AY some enemies from the school of business could loose him some substantial amount of votes.


His calmness and association with PENSA is an advantage. Joemens charisma to simply pull others along such as O. A, Dominic and SKY who were all SRC Presidential Aspirants by the power of his personality could give him some votes from the camp of these resigned aspirants. A loud Sakibu Razak ( SOJA) as his running mate could compensate his dull nature. Last year, some students affiliated him to the Bernard Amoh led administration and this could loose him some votes although he is one of the favorites.


His refix of Shata Wale’s song “chop kiss” as his campaign song got many students dancing. Padmond’s fine looks could charm many ladies to vote for him. However, his running mate brings virtually nothing or less if any since he is not known by many students and this can be a disadvantage to him.

7. *JARAH*

A good public speaker and a former Course rep from the IDS faculty is one of the favorites after he has been able to convince most of his colleague level 300s to vote for someone who will still be with them after his tenure of office. His outspoken nature has been an advantage as well as a disadvantage. Some people see him as arrogant which could loose him some votes whiles others see him as confident which could fetch him votes. He had the highest mark during vetting and that won him some members from level 400. He uses more of the door to door campaign and his running, Solomon is not known by many therefore brings less on board.

8. *TUGA*

The old student of OKESS is somehow popular outside UDS because of his massive involvement in NUGS and USAG activities. He would have been the tall among the eight if that was the basis for voting. Tuga’s running mate, Karim Mohammed is not known by many students hence brings virtually nothing on board. However, he has a bigger chance ahead of him should he contest next year. Being at the bottom of the ballot paper could perform him some magic.

As I conclude, I would like to candidly advice all the aspirants to accept the results after tomorrow and unite to make a better UDS. This is the need for me to use the motto of all the eight presidential aspirants to form one sentence as a sign of Unity. We are together and it’s possible together. Infact, biribiaa b3y3 fine!.

*”Tackle tackle, it’s time for change so Inshallah…God will and that is why I agree with you that Yes, We can make the difference with a new voice, a new vision and the vision will speak with your welfare as my concern”.*

The write-up is a sole opinion of Domfeh Emmanuel (SIR NOBLE) and this shouldn’t influence your vote in any way. Thank you.

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