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OLA Girls Authorities Search For Boozing Students


Two days after some students of the Our Lady of Apostles (OLA) Girls Senior High School were seen in a viral video drinking alcoholic cocktails, authorities at the school have launched an investigation to find and punish culprits.

According to the Headmistress of the school, Madam Regina Coffie, a committee has been set up to investigate the video which shows about ten students dressed in the blue and white chequered uniform of OLA Girls mixing and drinking cocktails in a classroom.

In the graining 30-second video, a female student holds and pours a bottled drink for her colleagues who are holding plastic disposable cups outside the classroom while another dispenses another beverage to complete the cocktail when they enter the classroom.

Voices are heard off camera is the video singing “kpoo kɛkɛ”, “it’s not full” and saying “mix am give me”.

The Headmistress told the Ghana News Agency that the committee has been tasked to identify the girls in the video and provide appropriate sanctions for their acts.

Madam Coffie suspects that the students may be final-year students who had finished writing their West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination about three weeks ago and decided to make a video of themselves getting drunk despite knowing it was against the code of conduct of the school.

She also urged parents to help sustain discipline in the school by not threatening staff when their wards were punished for breaking school rules.


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