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NUPEZ Foundation Launches Human Rights Talk with NUPEZ


In a modernized complex world where thousands of global Human Rights issues and infringements crop up almost everyday, one who is passionate about Human Rights of others, freedom of others, justice and fair treatment of people across all races, ages, creed, religions, gender and sexual orientations cannot sit on the fence unconcerned and unperturbed.

It is in the light of this that Nupez Foundation and Family Affairz; a foundation that has been in existence for the past three years and has provided support of diverse kind to needy people, is embarking on a reality TV Talk Show with the theme “Human Rights Talk With Nupez” mainly to engage relevant people, relevant stakeholders, institutions and agencies in our society in an interactive, educative and enlightening manner on the many worrying Human Rights infringements in Africa and across the globe.

The founder and CEO of the Nupez Foundation and Family Affairz, Rita Ama Nupe Demuyakor, popularly known as Ama Nupe is the host for this show. She had her legal education from Wisconsin International University College, Ghana. Ama Nupe also holds a first degree in Information Studies from University of Ghana, Legon. She’s a Rwanda trained lawyer, where she did her professional legal course. Ama’s passion and advocacy for equal rights for all, and the zeal with which she does it is simply admirable.

On Sunday, 5 May, 2019, at exactly 7:00pm, the first episode of Human Rights Talk With Nupez, the reality TV Talk Show will be premiered on the YouTube channel: Human Rights Talk with Nupez, and other social media platforms using the following handles – Twitter: @HNupez; Facebook: Human Rights Talk with Nupez; Instagram: humanrightswithnupez.

The first episode looks into Child Marriage where the host holds studio discussion with seasoned panelists, an interaction that makes an attempt to address the worrying problems and challenges that come with child marriage. Many topical human rights issues will be discussed weekly and this will be aired every Sunday at 7:00pm on the YouTube channel and across all social media handles mentioned earlier.

In the first episode, the host holds studio discussion with Robert Akoto Amoafo, Director of Amnesty International, Ghana, and Rebecca Delong Fosu, Private Legal Practitioner and Founder of Mbdn Cedar International. To follow this and subsequent discussions, subscribe to the YouTube channel Human Rights Talk with Nupez and turn on notifications to follow it weekly so you do not miss out on any of the episodes. You can also follow the show on social media using the handles above.

By Edward Aloryito

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