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Live band With The Warriors From KNUST.


From the room of the tailor on KNUST campus echoed the sound of a needle, because campus was drying up like students never casted what they call Jama, in their various halls and corners.

It was a joyful Tuesday morning this week, as the bloody semester was finally seeing students off to their various homes. But something more deadly than wine happened at the premises of the SRC Conference Hall around 11am.

Nana Addy, the host of “The Nana Addy’s Show” held an intellectual discussion with some student leaders of KNUST and an active student leader from Kumasi Technical University.

Mr. Kojo Nketia Fedilis (College of Humanities and Social Sciences), Mr. Enoch Yeboah (President- KNUST School of Business Student Association) and Mr. Richmond Adjei (P.R.O- Kumasi Technical University).

These were the guest who were asked to reach the unreached matters of their offices and relate it to the topic that was placed on board, “Student Politics and its contribution to the development of Ghana.”

The honorable panel members shared their campaign stories with the house which some comments fascinates that, me personally, I cannot describe.

For the past few years, students often describe their leaders as corrupt and to some extent, babies with sharp teeth.

Mr. Richmond said, student leaders are not to be blamed when it comes to corruption because administration influences them which leaves with no option.

Mr. Enoch came in with a piece of advice for some student activist whose interest is publishing articles which tags them as corrupt. He said most of the student writes articles about student leaders being corrupt (budgets, programs) without asking for more details of the budget or programs, his advice such people to stop. And also said that sometimes they use their personal funds to run the administration before cheques are issued and later take it back.

Many are of the view that, Politicians influences the duties and policies of student leaders.

Addressing this was Mr. Nketia and he said.
It all bows down to finances, often, these leaders’ offers amounts which student leaders need most and they give them instructions after that. Very common in our country.
He then said, no matter the situation, student leaders must remember, they are there for the people and must never sell their power to do for money. If he gives you money and tells you to do something you think is not right, don’t do it.

On the main topic, these are the submissions.

They highlighted that, the student leaders today are the future leaders, so the nation will benefit from them in the future and they are going to do well because of the experiences they are getting from the position they are holding now.

Furthermore, they have acquired knowledge from school and are going to apply them when they are out of school.
They can’t go to the village and give someone 20 cedis for a power which is going to last for about 4 years.

The show went down to educate the audience to accept and work genuinely with student leaders whom they were once on the battlefield with. And student leaders must also not regard such people as their enemies.
An example is quoted from what Mr. Enoch said, “I have appointed my opponent as the Internship Coordinator and he is working seriously and it has taken me aback.

Remember to wait for the live band video on all our social media channels, the host Nana Addy Koranteng Stephen uttered these words as the song was fading away.

The show was presented by Ask GROUP Ghana and it was supported by Knust School Of Business Student Association and sponsored by TuTu Makeup, Marysell Collections, Tasty Yogurt, EMMLIN Catering Services and Family Chips.

Your credible and reliable campus news media, Success Africa was the media partner.

Stay tune for the next live band session from Nana Addy’s Show and other campus stories.

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