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Lifestyle: Campus Relationship; What happens Next When Panty Finally “Goes Down”.


Lifestyle: Campus Relationship; What happens Next When Panty Finally “Goes Down”.

Campus dating is fun but it should also be handled with caution. Many of us keep repeating the same mistakes when it comes to dating and hence, the same bad results trail us. We tend to make several mistakes in our relationship on campus and later become skeptical on whom to blame. Campus dating is a different ball game and my findings put clear that majority of these casualties happen as a result of coaching from most parents. Understanding the nature of relationship on campus is as complex and complicated as quiz on principles of accounting and logic and critical reasoning in KNUST School of Business. George Kumi and Prince Sarfo Boakye, my warm and humble greetings.

Back in senior high school, I noticed a lot of Girls were falling for guys with recognition ; a footballer, an athlete, a dancer, a good singer, guys who were good in fashion ( fashionable ) to their respective discretion and few of them considered those with leadership roles perhaps if you happened not to fall under these categories, you gently count your self out of the game.

What has been the norm on university campuses? September Rush!

I am pretty sure continuing students reading this small piece of mine somehow have a smiley face. And to my dear prospective fresher’s, September rush simply means getting a fiance/girlfriend probably in the first week when fresher’s report to school in September. Most ladies assume dating in the university does not come with a lot of cautions since they are somehow in a stage of their life where decisions can be made by themselves, but the wall does not have a different paint colour here on campus, nothing is absolutely different here! And I bet you this is even the dangerous era.

If you are pretty, expect not less than 150 proposals from guys, this is to those coming to read a 4- year course but to those coming to read the 6- year course, I am sorry I do not have your statistics here, however I would be glad if you could get me a counting machine to speed up the counting.

Now several proposals on the table to make a choice from; fresh boys, Intelligent ones, rich ones, those with flashy lifestyle, MP’s sons and what have you. I know the decision becomes very tough but let me recommend this to you and see if things would work out. Before you even attempt thinking about them, remember the reason of being in school. If you know that, it gives you a clear consciousness in making good decision.

I love writing lengthy articles notwithstanding I would try to make this precise but worth reading. Now let’s roll again. Be careful in the selection stage, don’t be too anxious to make a quick choice because KNUST has 24,000 plus energetic young guys you can make a good choice from.

Only choose the one who has a plan for life, however you must be careful with that since a mere mouse can grow to look like a grass cutter. Don’t be deceived by their sweet talks. I know the masters of the game. Ebo Smith Kizito will attest to this fact: My greetings Champion.

Don’t seem to be too difficult to be approached. If you do that the one who finally breaks through will teach you a lesson which will leave you with an indispensable pain. Be free but don’t be loosed ; it summarises it all.

Be honest with your yes and no
Love is not by force, if yes, yes ! If No, simply as no, I am not interested. You don’t put people on pending and decide to extort money from them with your “little thoughts” that you are been strategic; you wouldn’t always get a John Mensah to dribble if you are a Messi, one day, one day, you will meet Marcelo and Sergio Ramos.

If you don’t take care and heed to this advice and your “panties go down” early. You will feel the feeling.

I am ending here but I promise to serve you something hotter than this when school resumes. Enjoy reading and subscribe to successafrica.info for further updates.

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