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Campus Dating: The Heartbeats After S*x


Campus Dating: The Heartbeats After S*x

Hello Success African, this is Robert, your ultimate Campus love doctor. It’s been long since you heard from me after my last article ; Campus Relationship: What Really happens when panty finally goes down right?. I was much enthused when i realised my article had more than 1,000 views. So glad! I promise to always deliver to you my ultimate best Fam.

You know what? Talata, my dear wife just finished serving me and I am surprise how special it was today. Damn! This is more than “April fool”, I hope you get the drift?

Talata on Sundays normally serve me with Fufu and Palm nut soup but today’s own is special, Guess what it was this afternoon.. Wait oo, or is it because I failed to provide ” Chop money” or she was not satisfied with my performance in bed last night? Please when you get Chocho Cream, get me one wai I beg because your old man is getting weak.

As usual, I prayed four times and sent Kwadwo Adjei, my junior brother to get me water and liquid soup to wash my hand and deal with this supposed fufu this hot afternoon. Oh Talata will kill me!

When I opened the bowl I saw a white sheet folded and had some writings on it and it reads; “Hi Bob, After my survey as instructed, Your readers want to know your heartbeat after your first s*x experience on campus. Yours Ever, Talata!”. Theeeer nooor Talata was waiting for my response to that letter. So many thoughts came to mind whether to delve into that topic or not. But I knew if I decide to write about it, Talata will think I was cheating on her because we started dating in first year and subsequently got married after school. On the other hand, Talata suffered a lot getting the subject which will be discussed shortly so if I fail to deliver, I have wasted her time oh, what should I do paddy ?

Campus Dating: The heartbeats after s*x. That is our topic under discussion today.. Wait ooo let me go for a quick commercial break. Stay glued to your device!

Please I lack sponsors so let’s continue. Please don’t think I am a bad boy ooo, I am just your campus love doctor and I am always at your service.

Now let’s roll… Guys I don’t normally mean to spoil your plans by unveiling your tactics to the girls ooo, I call it Social responsibility. Be a good citizen not a spectator, that’s exactly what I am doing.

Campus relationship is fun and lovely especially to the the girls who get “Dada Bees” to milk from. If you don’t come from a family with good financial background like myself forget it! Icy Cup sef will kill you. KNUST Guys can relate. Opanin Akwaboah, George Kumi, Prince Sarfo, Gyebi Francis, Nana Yaw (NY), Frederick Osei Mensah (T2) and Daniel Oppong Kyeremeh (T3), my humble greetings. Anyway Nana Yaw I hope your slay queens are fetching you a lot of money and are doing well? Eei boys…lol

Sincerely speaking I have not had that experience but the zeal to serve my audience made me do that. Eei did I say that? Sorry ooo, It’s someone else experience. Stephen is a friend who was anxious to get into a relationship after gaining admission to read Doctor of Pharmacy in KNUST. According Stephen, he was informed there were a lot of fine girls on university campuses hence should desist from senior high school dating and concentrate on his books. Stephen did exactly that and excelled in his final exams and subsequently gain admission into KNUST.

Knowing very well there were a lot of girls on university campuses, he thought that was the angelic time to find a fiance. A lot of girls on campus like “sharks” and Stephen was one so I know that’s what won Blessing’s heart. Stephen is a shy type and I wonder whether he was the one who proposed. Who knows? Maybe he helped her in her assignment and probably capitalised on that.

Stephen used to discuss a lot with me about his exciting moments with Blessing and sincerely speaking it was really good to hear. I love writing long articles but I don’t really want to bore you with the entire details on what happened, I will try and make it short.

Three months down the line, Stephen all of a sudden stopped discussing Blessing with me.. Eei what was really happening ? Blessing on the other hand started behaving in a certain manner towards me, that drew my attention to the fact that something has happened.

It took Stephen days to finally disclose what really caused their break up. Stephen is a staunch Christian and will never think of having sex. However, according to him, he was convinced by his other friends to do that. What caused the mess? Explaining clearly to me as a friend, he said his other friends told him to at least try and sleep with the girl and will surely win her heart forever. I guess it was just a rumbling.

Premarital sex really kills the soul and distant you from God, that’s exactly what happened to Stephen. I am glad he’s gaining grounds now. According to him , he felt he was lacking something from the inside and was very light in weight after that. Attending church became a problem and Stephen who used to help in preparing church for service all of a sudden stopped.

In summary things really did not turn out well for him after his first experience.

Dear, I leave the ball in your own court. Think through and make decisions for yourself.

Don’t forget to comment and most importantly share this article to your friends. But hey, Second Edition Campus Relationship when panty finally goes down is almost ready. Subscribe for our latest articles. Have a blissful day. I sign out!

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