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Kwesi Yankah visits attacked UG student at hospital


Minister of State in charge of Tertiary Education, Professor Kwesi Yankah has paid a visit to the student of the University of Ghana who was attacked by persons suspected to be armed robbers at 37 Military Hospital.

Professor Yankah discussing the way forward when it comes to the heightening security crises on the various campuses, noted that it is expedient for all campuses in the country to adopt a security policy.

According to him, though government implemented a security policy to address the security issues on the various university campuses at a time when crime was on the rise, there is a need for every university to sanction its own security policy to safeguard the lives of its students.

“I think every university ought to have a security policy. There is one that I think we (government) enacted in the light of the series of attacks on campuses but I think every University needs a security policy. A policy that outlines steps that students, faculty and staffs ought to take in protecting themselves and also ensuring that lives on the university are preserved at all times” he said

Professor Yankah further explained thatin the current dispensation where technology is the drive of life, it is time the University of Ghana look at tackling the issue of crimes through electronic monitoring. He said, efforts must be channeled at initiating electronic surveillance to capture the activities of these assailants as a means of assisting security personnel in their line of duty.

“It is high time we strengthen not just streetlights but also we want electronic in our security set up, not just physical security but electronic surveillance on campus. One would like the Universities to grow up and move up with technology and be abreast with more modern ways of identifying intrusion on private properties and public properties as well. I am sure this is a learning curve but we have quite a number of universities that have advanced their technologies to assist the physical securities in place”

He added that the subject of security does not hinge on necessarily having a good ratio of security personnel to students, but rather having competent personnel who even in their small numbers can work effectively to clamp down on unscrupulous persons. He therefore underscored the need for the university to recruit competent persons who will act in the capacity of ensuring the safety of students.

He also highlighted the intention of the government to undertake a security audit which will be aimed finding measures to address the security predicaments on the respective campuses
“…first of all we must undertake a security audit of the respective universities and tertiary education institutions. An audit means an invitation extended to an expert to come and look at potential lapses in the security and the sources of the lapses” he reveled

“I can rightly say that even when you have adequate numbers, it’s not sheer ratio but the competence of the security itself. Until recently, not much care was taken into the appointment of people into security. I remember when the security crises started in Legon 10 years ago, we undertook a week of intensive training and even physical test, I remember quite a number of them had challenges even running up the commonwealth hill. Some fell down; some had to be hospitalized, and medical tests conducted on them revealed several critical medical problems and many of them had to be admitted and treated”


Daniel Osei who happens to be a level 400 student reading Psychology and Linguistic and a resident of the Evandy Hall here on the University of Ghana campus was attacked by machete wielding robbers along the road leading Pentagon Hostels to the Evandy Hostel in the late hours of Saturday, 4th May, 2019. The said attack left Daniel surviving several cutlass wounds on his head. Daniel has since the attack been on admission at the 37 Military Hospital for medical treatment following the severity of the injury sustained.

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