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KNUST SRC Set to Petition Authorities and Ministry of Education Over Conversion of All Traditional Halls to Mixed Status.


Story By: Robert Kumi Adu-Gyamfi

The Kevin Sah led administration of the Students’ Representative Council(SRC) of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology is set to petition the authorities of the school for converting all traditional halls to mixed status without its notice.

In an interview with Robert Kumi Adu-Gyamfi of Successafrica.info news team, Mr Enoch Kwarteng, the SRC Vice President said the students front was not involved in the decision making and it came as a surprise to them as a council.[irp posts=”1558″ name=”The United Front: Katanga, Conti, Commonwealth and Casford Shows The Way Forward”]

Mr. Enoch confirmed the SRC has put in place all the necessary measures to petition the Chancellor of the University, Otumfour Osei Tutu II, the Vice Chancellor, Professor Obiri Danso , the Ministry of Education and the University Council as a whole.

Mr. Kwarteng however revealed that the SRC is aware of the University hall’s lawsuit against the change of its status to mixed and they are fully in support of that.

When asked about Unity hall’s lawsuit , Mr. Kwarteng said he personally heard of it just yesterday (Wednesday 16th August, 2018) but cannot confirm it, he however made it clear the SRC would be ready to throw its weight behind such a move.[irp posts=”1699″ name=”Video: We Sacrifice One Female To You Yearly” : Aggrieved Katanga Students Invoke Curses As They Pray to gods.”]

“Until the court case is determined, the SRC will always represent our students “.- Mr. Enoch Kwarteng added.


The school authorities in a statement on Wednesday 16th August converted all traditional halls to mixed status effective 2018/2019 Academic Year. The University in the statement said its policy of expanding access to female students still remains unchanged.

The conversion, which was announced last semester has sparked a lot of controversies including demonstrations, lawsuits and a whole lot of social media threats to deter the soon to be female Katangees and continentals not to even accept an offer from the university to be in the University hall and Unity hall.[irp posts=”1489″ name=”Katanga, Conti, Casford and Commonwealth hall Set to Hold First Meeting to Address practical ways to students activism and numerous clashes on Campuses.”]

A close to two minutes video was spotted by the news team of successafrica.info which involved a group of students purported to be inmates of the University hall invoking curses on female students who accept the offer to stay in the hall. The group subsequently offered one female student yearly to the gods when the university succeeds in its conversion.

A statement sighted by the news team of Successafrica.info suggested that all items belonging to the traditional council of the University Hall were confiscated and were under the care of the University Security Service team.

This is a developing story, wait for more from us.

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