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Global Schools Program endorses Fapimpa Foundation

FAPIMPA Foundation, a Civil Society Organization (CSO) with focus on empowering communities through leadership, charity work and skills training.

The United Nations SDGs which seek to end poverty, inequality and injustice, address climate change, protect the environment, encourage good governance, peace and security by 2030 will require all stakeholders to play their part. Governments, civil society, business, academia and youth must also collaborate extensively.

Upon recognizing the enormous social, economic and environmental challenges facing the world.

Moreover, emphasizing the important role that youth can play in achieving a sustainable future by virtue of their creativity, enthusiasm and stressing the vitally important role that schools can play in achieving a sustainable future through teaching and operations, the Fapimpa Foundation agrees that they will;

  1. Support and promote the principles of the Sustainable Development Goals
  2. Support and promote the priorities of UNESCO’s Global Action Program on Education for Sustainable Development (GAP-ESD)
  3. Provide educational opportunities for our students to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development
  4. Contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals by ensuring our schools and major programs are environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive
  5. Join a global movement of schools committed to the Sustainable Development Goals; and
  6. Report on our progress and activities in support of the Sustainable Development Goals.
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