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Lamicare foundation donates 1000 excercise books and stationery to under privilege basic schools.


Lamicare foundation on Friday,14 October donated books and stationery items to some basic schools in the Nhyiaeso Constituency.

The foundation seeks to work towards the promotion of the aims and objectives of the UN and its system for the development of society and in pursuance of its vision and guiding principles.

Lamicare Foundation undertakes projects and programs that facilitate alleviating child poverty by supporting underprivileged children in the country through social work, donations, and community assistance at both the regional and national levels.

The progenitor of the foundation Carla Opoku Agyeman (Lamine) who was the 3rd runner-up of TV3 Ghana’s Most Beautiful in 2014 led the team in embarking on the exercise.

The team donated exercise books and stationery to Atasomanso R/C KG and Primary school in the early hours of Friday.lamicare-foundation-donates-1000-excercise-books-and-stationery-to-under-privilege-basic-schools

Subsequently, the team furthered their course by donating to Apraman M/A primary school.

The project sort to encourage and offer mentorship to pupils in basic schools by offering them support for their academic work.

This was a gesture intended to help alleviate minor setbacks that have engrossed basic education in the country.

It offers a glimmer of hope to the pupil that amidst challenges faced during their time in school, there is a light at the end of the tunnel if they persevere.

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lamicare-foundation-donates-1000-excercise-books-and-stationery-to-under-privilege-basic-schools lamicare-foundation-donates-1000-excercise-books-and-stationery-to-under-privilege-basic-schools lamicare-foundation-donates-1000-excercise-books-and-stationery-to-under-privilege-basic-schools lamicare-foundation-donates-1000-excercise-books-and-stationery-to-under-privilege-basic-schools lamicare-foundation-donates-1000-excercise-books-and-stationery-to-under-privilege-basic-schools

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