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Free SHS: Koforidua SECTECH Resort To Plastic Chairs In Classrooms


The Koforidua Senior High Technical School (SECTEC) in the Eastern Region is the latest School  to be hit with the acute shortage of desks compelling management of the School to resort to plastic chairs. Some of the students also lean against the wall to learn.

Some Students were forced under the circumstance to join some pieces of woods together as desks.The shaky desk falls apart by the little push distracting teaching and learning.

Students who sit in the plastic chairs write on their laps while others who do not want to distort their hand writings turn their Chairs into table and kneel to write on it when taking notes.

Some of the  students complain of back pains and neck pains.

Koforidua SECTECH has not been the only school to have faced this challenge, it can be recalled that last week at Suhum Senior High Technical School where students stand and lean against the wall to learn.

Credit: Starrnews

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