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Dzata Cement Price In Ghana


As a contracter, knowing the DZATA Cement price in Ghana and comparing it to that of other brands will help you save a lot of money when building.

DZATA Cement is an over $100 million investment located on the Tema Harbour Road, opposite APM terminal, near the Tema Port. Construction of the factory began in 2011, and it is a wholly Ghanaian owned factory.

The factory is estimated to produce about two million tons of Cement annually and 120 bags per minute on averagely and has created about 1200 direct jobs in the country.

It is owned by a Ghanaian business Mogul called Ibrahim Mahama, the brother of the ex-president of Ghana, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama. DZATA Cement is Ghana’s 12th Cement factory and second bagging plant, and it is a 1.2 metre per yard bagging plant.

DZATA Cement began commercial production in mid-2021 with two-line bagging and packaging equipment supplied to them by Haver and Boecker, a Germany-based company that uses imported cement.

With the increase in cement prices in Ghana, DZATA Cement is seen to be the country’s lifesaver. The other Cement brands in Ghana, GHACEM, Dangote, Cimaf and Diamond cement, cost almost ¢50.

DZATA Cement Factory History

Construction of DZATA Cement started nine years ago when the ground was broken for general earthworks to commence. Following the completion of general Earthworks, the Foundation of two (2) warehouses started in earnest.

Construction of the Foundation took twelve (12) months, after which attention shifted to the central plant installation. Ghanaian artisans undertook the installation with supervision by the manufacturers.

This exercise was undertaken in sixteen (16) months. The factory is located on ten (10) Acre land near the Tema Port, with technology deployed by German developers Haver & Boecker.
The type of Cement produced by the plant is the Ordinary Portland Cement imported for the plant.

The plant will bag an average of 120 bags per minute from the two (2) production lines, with an annual production of 2.6 million tons of cement.

The plant has two (2) warehouses that accommodate two shiploads of jumbo bags of cement. Production Silos can hold forty thousand metric tons of Cement at any given time.

Control of the plant is centralized as the operations will be automated with minimal human activities within the plant.

How much is the Dzata cement in Ghana?

Even though DZATA Cement hasn’t commercialized production, It has been projected that DZATA Cement will be less expensive as compared to the ones available on the market. It was rumoured that DZATA Cement would cost ¢30, but company executives rubbished that.

Is dzata cement on the market in Ghana?

Dzata Cement is not on the market as at the time of writing this article.

Who is the owner of dzata cement?

Ibrahim Mahama is the founder and owner of Dzata Cement.

Where can we locate dzata cement?

The fully indigenous wholly owned Ghanaian cement company is located in the Port Enclave of Tema, in Ghana, West Africa.

Contact Of DZATA Cement 

Retailers and Wholesalers can reach DZATA Cement on 0241941846


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