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Dragon Spray Price In Ghana


Are you a man who has some trouble in bed with your partner? Say goodbye to that. Dragon spray is a kind of spray for men which allows them to last longer in bed.

It is specifically made to prevent premature ejaculation and prolong a man’s sexual pleasure. Premature ejaculation means that a penis releases semen after a bit of stimulation.

Premature ejaculation is a prevalent condition among men. People with this condition may expel some semen very shortly after intercourse.

Many factors may cause premature ejaculation, which may be either psychological or physical issues. A few are:

1. Prostate Issues

The prostate gland is located just below the bladder, and its primary function is to produce seminal fluid—issues with the prostate gland cause men to ejaculate very quickly.

2. Depression

Depression is when a person loses pleasure in their daily activities and feels down, which affects their live sustainability. If a man is depressed during intercourse, it curbs his sexual drive.

3. Masturbation

If a man has a behavioural condition of masturbating, this may cause him to have premature ejaculation, especially if he ejaculates quickly after masturbation.

4. Sensitive Penis

If a man has a very sensitive penis, any little sexual interaction can cause him to ejaculate.

Other factors may include unusual hormone levels, stress, anxiety and sexual repression.

There are a lot of treatments for premature ejaculation. These include the use of dragon sprays, topical drugs (local anaesthetic creams that reduce stimulation), pelvic floor exercises, condoms that might decrease penis sensitivity and counselling.

Another remedy primarily used is the pause-squeeze technique. 

This includes stimulating the penis with your partner during sexual intercourse until ejaculation is almost felt. Maintain the squeeze for several seconds until ejaculation passes, and then repeat the process.

Dragon sprays are the most widely used treatment method out of all these.

A study conducted on dragons sprays in 2017 showed that the product might increase the amount of time before ejaculation.

Older studies show that applying it about 5 minutes before intercourse led to men having better control over ejaculation and increased sexual satisfaction. Dragon spray is a clinically approved spray. 

It contains lidocaine or benzocaine, which delays ejaculation, and its effects may last for 1-3 hours after application. Any excess spray must be washed away before penetration to avoid depositing chemicals into the female.

Dragon Spray Price In Ghana

The price of dragon spray in Ghana is cheaper than you may think, despite how useful is has been to most men. The dragon is priced at GHC 45.

Where To Buy Dragon Spray In Ghana

Dragon spray can be obtained in all licensed chemical shops across the country. Those who want to buy in bulk for wholesale purposes can visit websites like Pill Doctor, Amazon etc.

How To Apply Dragon Spray

To apply, gently shake the bottle. The nozzle must be in tight proximity to the penis.

Firmly press the spray onto the penis and wait for it to effect. It should be noted that the manufacturer’s instructions must always be followed.

Dragon Spray Side Effects

Like any product on the market, dragon sprays have their side effects.

1. It may reduce the sensitivity of the penis temporarily. The excess use of this product may cause a temporary loss of penis sensitivity and sometimes a slight erectile dysfunction.

2. The products may cause irritation, a tingling or a burning sensation if used too much.

3. It may cause itching.

If swelling of the genital organs after use of the product, the person must discontinue use and seek medical attention immediately.


Below are some frequently asked questions about dragon spray in Ghana;

Is Dragon spray sold in pharmacy?

Dragon sprays are soled in all licensed chemical shops or pharmacies in Ghana. It can also be bought online from E-Pharmacies Ghana.

How much time does delay spray last?

The best way to last longer in bed is by using a delay spray like Dragon spray for a long-lasting bed, which reduces the hypersensitivity of your penis.
You can use lidocaine (lignocaine) based delay spray for men, as that tends to desensitize the sensitive areas of the penis, making you last at least 3-4 minutes longer.


In this article, we stated all you needed to know about Dragon spray and the price of dragon spray in Ghana.

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