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Close Galamsey Death Pits In ABUSCO – Headmistress Appeals


The Headmistress of Abuakwa State College,Comfort Odehe, is appealing to the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Illegal Mining to reclaim abandoned mining pits which have surrounded the school exposing students to danger.

The Abuakwa State College was one of the worst affected schools during the peak of the illegal mining menace in the area.

The mining pits claimed lives of some students and afflicted insecurity on campus.

The headmistress of the School says although students have been cautioned not to go close to any of the pits, there is anxiety among management and therefore want it reclaimed.

“We are certainly worried.We have written to so many stakeholder institutions,  to the Ministry of Energy and Mines, so many outlets and we’ve been promised that there is an exercise going on which they will be covering up so at the right time we will see them coming to cover”.

Abuakwa State College is embarking on tree planting project to create fresh air – conducive teaching and learning Environment. About 2,000 trees have so far been planted, according to the headmistress.

“I believe in a healthy environment impacting on a healthy mind. So wherever I work that is what i leave behind”.

“We are also embarking on afforestation project, we’ve teamed up with the Forestry department and as of now we have planted over 2000 trees with different species around where we have the pits so when it is covered I think we can expand, and once it is covered it will not be so precarious going to that place.You know our students,they may use that route and nobody can tell what will happen so we want that pits covered”.

Meanwhile, as part of efforts to support the school to beautify the environment , the 1978 to 1983 year group has constructed and handed over 20 sets of Concrete Garden furniture on the School compound. Samuel Anim Yeboah who is President of the 78-83 year group told Starr News they mobilized through social media to give back to their Alma- mater at a time the School needs help to reduce pressure on facilities as a result of the Free Education Policy.

He assured that the year group is committed to doing more and urged other old students to also go to the aid of the school at this challenging time.

The Abuakwa State College like many other schools need additional Boarding ,washroom, library and sick bay facilities.

Credit :Starrfmonline

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