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Ahmed before life and death


A newsletters  from the United Nations Human Rights Watch is calling all people to help support lives of citizens in Yemen.

A research work by Kristine Beckerle
Researcher, Middle East North Africa
Human Rights Watch.

Ahmed was a typical pre-teen boy, smart, living with his father, mother and eight siblings in their home east of Khawka town in Yemen. Then “the war came.”

The Saudi-led coalition bombed Ahmed’s home. The Houthi fighters who had terrorized his family were left unscathed, but Ahmed ended up severely wounded, with bomb fragments in his brain. He didn’t speak for 10 days.

The rest of Ahmed’s family was displaced along Yemen’s west coast, but Ahmed’s father stayed with him, traveling from door to door, city to city, searching for medical help for his son.

I wish Ahmed’s story was unique. Just one horrible case. Sadly, instead: it’s a common tale in Yemen, where war has decimated cities, towns, villages . . . and families. As the number of atrocities and deaths rise, children like Ahmed demand we press for justice in Yemen so more people don’t have to live through the unspeakable pain and horror they have — and so that those already suffering receive justice as they deserve.

There is a long road to recovery for children like Ahmed and the millions of people impacted by war in Yemen. That’s why we need partners like you who are willing to stand with us each month to keep fighting for justice in Yemen and around the world.

On behalf of children like Ahmed and their families, thank you for caring for human rights and for standing up for the dignity of innocent people caught in war’s crossfires.

Your support pressures those responsible — and leaders in positions of power — to end war crimes and abuses in Yemen. And joining us on a monthly basis would help even more. Can you join us?

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