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University of Ghana students enraged over campus security chief’s comments on armed attacks



Some students of the University of Ghana are unhappy with some comments made by the Head of Campus security, Mr. George Amofa, on the heels of an armed attack on a student of the University around the Pentagon/Evandy Hostel area.

A final year student of the University, Daniel Osei, was on Sunday attacked on campus by persons suspected to be armed robbers.

The attack left him with several machete wounds on his head and he is presently receiving treatment at the 37 Military Hospital in Accra.

The attack on Daniel Osei is one of many suffered by students of the University along the Pentagon/Evandy Hostel of the University.

Speaking in an interview with UniversNews on the state of campus security – an issue which has gained nationwide attention following the attack – Mr. George Amofa made certain statements which appears not to be going well with students of the University.

The students have described his reaction to the issue as a reflection of the disposition of the University administration as a whole towards the plight of students.

Mr. Amofa had upbraided students of the University of Ghana on claims that they lack a sense of security consciousness and are not indulgent with regards to their personal safety.

He added that the students refuse to guarantee first their personal security but are swift to blame the School Management and other stake holders for any threat to their personal security.

“The children lack how to handle robbers on campus, the students lack security attitude because they can find someone to shift the blame on”.

Not only are the students dissatisfied with the campus security chief describing them as children, some are calling for his resignation.

These comments, obviously steeped in a lack of empathy and decorum and should sound as a testament to every student of the nonchalant attitude that the very protectors of our university have adopted to matters of student security. That he dared call fully grown members of this University Fraternity “children” is an aspersion that we will not accept, under any circumstances. Mr Amofa must resign with immediate effect or else students will embark on a demonstration. An apology will not quell the heightened sentiments of the students, we have reached a point where we can no longer in good conscience count on the likes of Mr Amofa to ensure our security,” one student told UniversNews

Seriously? Lack how to handle robbers?This is CRAP. A whole bag of nonsense. Do we have to re-define the job description of security now? Or you want students to start living as tho’ campus was a jungle. Walking with clubs, knives etc? Tell us something better‼️

— Andrea Felbah (@felbz) May 6, 2019

This man must be crazy. We lack security attitude? I understand we must be safe; but think of it you can’t walk freely on your own school grounds? Tsw. When we see armed robbers we should give them meat pie and sobolo eh? Someone should blow this man ah.

— Paardon.me (@MimziMe) May 6, 2019

Did we come to reside at Pent, Evandy and Bani to learn how to handle robbers? That man eehh he’s too grown to have said that

— Kezia (@themaameserwaa) May 6, 2019

the same “head of security” who spoke and gave us rib tickling moments with his grammar and pronunciations during the orientation last year? honestly, this is no surprise. very incompetent. #makeUGasafeplaceagain

— Sydney⚽?? (@sydney_mensah) May 6, 2019

Recent developments

Head of Operations of the Greater Accra Regional Command of the Ghana Police Service, ACP Kwesi Ofosu, has disclosed that one person has been arrested in connection to the suspected robbery attack against the University of Ghana student.

At a meeting with University Management to find ways to forestall similar mishaps, ACP Kwesi Ofosu stated that the suspect was being interrogated for further details into the matter.

He also assured the University authorities of the Police Service’s commitment to ensure that the campus was safe for students.

“We have a suspect in custody and we will be working on him and therefore the Accra Regional Police Command will like to assure you that, we are here for you and we will provide the best of service so seeing us on campus is a friendly approach to deal with the issues at hand”.

At that same meeting, University Management came out with some plans to address the security issues on campus.

Among other things, they are considering installing barricades on the TF/Bani stretch to prevent assailants from getting easy access to the avenue.

Again, security posts will be mounted on the TF/Bani stretch by the end of this week.

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