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UEW: Mr. Godwin Kusi Danquah Leads Students as Leaders Pay a Courtesy Call to the Vice-Chancellor


UEW: Mr. Godwin Kusi Danquah Leads Students as Leaders Pay a Courtesy Call to the Vice-Chancellor

The student leaders of UEW led by the Dean of Student affairs and Mr. Godwin Kusi Danquah paid a courtesy call to Professor Anthony Afful Broni at his conference room.

Student Leaders from the various halls, Departments, former SRC executives, GRASAG executives and few to mentioned were in attendance earlier yesterday.

The meeting started with a brief introduction of the student leaders as well as the principal officers of the University including Professor J.K Kagya Agyemang the acting Pro Vice chancellor and principal for the UEW Mampong campus, Mr. Bruno Chirani the acting Finance Officer of the University, Dr. Christiana Hammond the acting Vice Dean of Student affairs.

Mr. Godwin Kusi Danquah the Unified GRASAG President who spoke on behalf of the student leaders commended the University’s governing council on appointing such a workaholic Father Professor Anthony Afful Broni to lead the University for the years ahead.
He added that they’re looking forward to seeing Professor Anthony Afful Broni and his dedicated team of workers to attaining greater heights and transforming UEW into a great academic discourse of excellence learning.

Mr. Godwin Kusi Danquah also stated emphatically that this academic year is the only year that the publicity of the Vice Chancellor’s scholarship award have gone viral and is through the effort of Professor Anthony Afful Broni and His dedicated Team of workers.

Mr. Godwin Kusi Danquah in his further submission revealed to the Principal officers and the Student leaders in these words, “the first project in my manifesto that is to be implemented is having a lounge for graduate students and fortunately for me that was the same thought of Professor Anthony Afful Broni the Vice Chancellor after consulting him but house permit me and the GRASAG executives to thank him so much for his enormous support and it will interest you all to know that Professor Anthony Afful Broni is on our neck reminding us this lounge and how we are going to get it built, With his help, we are starting this project next month and this shows how workaholic and dedicated he is…

Mr. Godwin Kusi Danquah added that there are a lot of traveling scholarships for student leaders and some of these countries are Canada, UK, U.S.A and Finland but ended this by revealing to us that all these packages awaiting us is the brainy work of Professor Anthony Afful Broni and therefore must be commended.

Mr. Godwin Kusi Danquah ended by extending their deepest gratitude as student leaders to the Professor Anthony Afful Broni and even commending him on the good work he has started.

Mr. Bruno Chirani the acting Finance Officer added that they are working assiduously in the boosting of the Wi-Fi which will enable students access the internet connectivity strongly in the halls of residence, lecture halls as well as everywhere on campus.

He also assured us of this new management putting measures in place for the construction of new halls of residence which have begun since accommodation problems have been the pressing needs of students.

Mr. Bruno ended by assuring us of the renovations yet to take place in our lecture halls,hence expect nothing but the best from them.

Getting to the latter part of the discussions, Professor J.K. Kagya Agyemang also added his voice by stating emphatically that, they are there as a result of Students so students should feel free in presenting their plight to them.

He also ended by stressing on the need for students to comply with the rules and regulations of the University.

Finally Professor Anthony Afful Broni came in by expressing his profound gratitude to all the student leaders for the courtesy call paid to him and his team of management.

He added to what Professor Kagya said by also saying without students they’re not there hence working for the betterment of the University…
He said “UEW is not competing with KNUST,UCC,UG but rather competing with Oxford University, Harvard University, Cambridge University amongst the other top class universities in the world hence transforming UEW into a world class academic discourse Community where everyone will love to be..

In his further submissions commended the government of Ghana for the successful implementation of the free SHS and double track system in the Ghanaian education not because he is a politician but is a good policy that will ensure the Ghanaian child gain access to education.

Professor Anthony Afful Broni also revealed to the house of the VC tour.

He said this tour will be a spectacular one where he will be touring the various campuses presenting his vision to people and taking questions from them.

The interesting projects to be done on UEW North Campus are remarkable and itching to the ears that the house shouted in acclamations.

The first of its kind is going to be the construction of a food court around the faculty of Educational studies block where all kinds of dish are going to be served…
As a reporter I nearly forgot what I was doing and began to thinking of how the place is going to be like and the feeling when eating there.

The next one is the construction of 15 bigger Pavilions which will take not less than 500 people each…

An ICT laboratory also to be constructed at North campus is under way…
Over 200 computers are to be received by University very soon which will help in the computer education of the University.

Prof. added that the University hospital too will ready by May 2019…

I recall Professor Anthony Afful Broni saying arrangements have been made for the construction of a student center which will have many facilities inside such as study rooms, gymnasium, resting place, with higher internet connectivity, televisions in there….
In fact the student leaders were amazed of the student center which made Professor Anthony Afful Broni made this funny remarks “so you don’t know student center lol  ohhhh no worries because you haven’t traveled outside before” and this made the house burst into laughter.
In fact it was all Joy with vice chancellor.

Ending his speech saw a great pledge he made “I’m ready to sacrifice my life for students because someone did same for me hence me and my team of workers will do everything humanly possible for the betterment of the University and at least a legacy must be left behind for posterity”

The Dean of student affairs gave the vote of thanks but less I forget made emphasis on the change of our system from OSIS to ERESIP hence students to exercise patience with their portals.

Leaders of the delegations were Mr. Godwin Kusi Danquah and the Dean of Student affairs

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