Outcome of 9 Inter-Sch Soccer Protests: O’SECTEC, Amass, ASASS, T. K. Through as Tepa,Aduman others Lose Protest


    The outcome of the nine protests that went before the Discipline Commitee of the Schools and Colleges Federation in the ongoing soccer qualifiers of the Ashanti Region is finally out.

    Some schools have managed to overturn the out come of the results as witnessed on the field of play.

    Nine protest cases went before the Committee who painstakingly have ruled on the cases pending any appeal by the affected schools. Here are case by case outcome of the Committee.

    Case1: Dwamena Akenten has been given further time to prove their case by providing further and better particulars in their case against the use of unqualified player by Dadease Agric SHS. Until then Dadease remains the qualified school.

    Case 2: Asanteman SHS will still represent live at the Baba Yara Stadium after Konadu Yiadom SHS failed to provJe the use of unqualified player by Asanteman. Konadu Yiadom were fined 300 Cedis for losing the case

    Case 3: Obuasi SecTech managed to overturn the results through their protest against Gyaama Pensan SHS after failing to qualify on the field of play. Gyaama Pensan acknowledged the use of unqualified player in their match against Obuasi SecTech. They were fined 500 cedis and Obuasi SecTech declared winners.

    Case 4: Mpasatia has also been given time to provide further and better particulars to back their claim that Armed Forces SHTS used unqualified player in their match.

    Case 5: Oppon Memorial failed in their attempt to get a replay against T. I. Amass after they boycotted their last match decided with AMASS citing biased officiating. The Committee failed to accept their plea and subsequently declared Amass winners. Amass were leading by one nil before the boycott by OMESS.

    Case 6: Tweneboa Kodua SHS managed to overturn their loss to Aduman SHS in the protest room after wining their protest against Aduman SHS. Aduman SHS have become perennial casualty in losing protests through the use of unqualified players. Aduman SHS were fined 300 Cedis for losing the protest. Tweneboa Kodua therefore qualifies.

    Cass 7: Mankranso must provide some documents for clarity or risk losing their qualification slot to Bodwesango SHS after the committee ruled to allow time for further and better documents to be presented. Bodwesango protested against the use of unqualified player.

    Case 8: Tepa SHS has lostout in their protest against Manso Adubia SHS. Tepa earlier failed to qualify in the group and were counting on their protest against Manso Adubia but have lost out to Manso Adubia SHS after the committee found the case of Tepa SHS unmeritorious. Manso Adubia therefore maintain their qualification status. Tepa SHS lost out on technical grounds after committing an error in the dating of their protest document or letter which captured that the said match they were raising issues against Manso Adubia was played on 21st November instead of 22nd November. Manso Adubia answered that on the said date, they were in their school and not on the field of play as stated by Tepa. Tepa has given the clearest indication that they will appeal against the decision.

    Fomena Amass failed in their attempt to snatch the qualification slot of Kenyasi SDA SHS after they protested against the use of unqualified player. Fomena failed to prove beyond reasonable doubt about the ineligibility of the player in question. Kenyasi SDA SHS therefore qualifies.

    Pending any appeal by any school all is set for the balloting for the 32 teams ahead of the main competition next week.

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