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Legon Botanical Gardens – Price List, Location, Activities & More


Legon Botanical Gardens is managed by Mulch Company Limited. The goal and ambition are to make Legon Botanical Gardens, the place where people conference with nature.

This nature park close to the University of Ghana is the perfect spot to take a break from Accra’s relentless pace and is one of only a few green spots in town. Since a recent makeover, thrills for the whole family are possible: a canopy walkway (C20), a high rope obstacle course (C30), and more traditional activities such as bird watching and biking.

Legon Botanical Gardens Price List (Gate Fee & Others)

  • Entry (per person) – 15.00 ghs
  • Entry and Playground package (per child) – 25ghs
  • Entry with a dog attracts extra 15 ghs (per dog)

Nb: All dogs entering the gardens must be on a leash have a mouth guard on and also have a poop collector.

For picnics and programs, different charges apply. Kindly contact the office.

Attractions & Pricing

  • Canopy Walkway (Adults) – 25ghs
  • Canopy Walkway (Children) – 20ghs
  • Playground – 20ghs
  • High Rope Course (2 Routes) – 40ghs
  • High Rope Course (4 Routes) – 70ghs
  • Junior Rope Course – 30ghs
  • Wedding Shoot – 250ghs
  • Model Photo Shoot (1 cast 2 crew only) 4 hours – 150ghs
  • Model Photoshoot (1 cast 2 crew only) 8 hours – 250ghs
  • Video Shoot (4 Hours) – 700ghs (Book in advance)
  • Video Shoot (Full day) – 1,200ghs (Book in advance)

Extra Charges for Photo & Video Shoot

  • Drone / UAV– 4 Hrs (CONTACT OFFICE) – 300ghs
  • Shoot on CW/HRC (per facility) – per hour (CONTACT OFFICE) – 300ghs
  • Shoot on Canoe Ride – 30 minutes- (CONTACT OFFICE) – 50ghs
  • Bird Watching – 30ghs (Personal Binoculars)
  • Fishing – 30ghs (Personal Fishing Rod and Bait)
  • Biking – 20ghs (Personal Bike)
  • Canoe Ride – 10ghs
  • Fire – Grill, Burner, etc – 50ghs

Legon Botanical Gardens Opening Hours

The opening hours of the Legon Botanical Gardens are as follows:

Monday – Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm / Weekends and Holidays 8:00am – 6:00pm NB: Mon. & Tue. Garden Quiet Time

Legon Botanical Gardens Location

Legon botanical gardens is located Off Atomic, Haatso Main Road Enter at: Agbogba Junction, Atomic Haatso Main Road Digital Address: GA-575-2433

Legon Botanical Gardens Contact Number

Legon Botanical Gardens
MULCH Co. Ltd. YK 569 Kanda
Accra Ghana

Contact 1 (Calls and WhatsApp): 0262366167

Contact 1 (Calls Only): 0552880908

URL: www.legonbotanicalgardens.com
Primary Email: mulchcompanyltd@gmail.com

Legon Botanical Gardens Activities

Activities at Legon Botanical Gardens are designed for all persons, irrespective of their age. There are lessons, fun, and experience for all. Please come to Conference with Nature.

Children’s Playground

First-class play equipment for all.

High Rope Course

Make your way through a series of platforms connected by cable, wood, and rope, creating a different challenge at each platform. NB All participants must wear sneakers /full closed shoes, trousers/shorts, and MUST WEAR HAND GLOVES BEFORE BEING ALLOWED UP.


Come ride on a canoe for fun and experience the thrill of the water. Cruise around beautiful Islands and Peninsulas which are the sanctuary for birds and their friends, the Monitor Lizards. NB Available from Wednesdays-Sundays & public holidays. Starts from 9:00am till 5:00pm. Groups with numbers of 20 and above must book in advance.

Other Activities

  • Canopy Walk
  • Events in woodlands
  • Bird watching
  • Fishing
  • Cycling

Legon Botanical Gardens Pictures

Below are some pictures of the Legon Botanical Gardens:


Above is all the information you need to know about Legon botanical garden.

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