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KNUST Halls of Residence


In this post, we are sharing the KNUST halls of residence, their brief history and why it’s important to know them.

Booking accommodation is one of the most critical stages of the KNUST admission process. First-year students who have paid their academic fees in full are expected to book their hall of residence before they report on campus.

If you want to have a stress-free academic year, it is imperative to secure accommodation on campus as a fresher, since accommodation on and off-campus is hard to come by.

Each year, students, especially the continuing students, struggle with accommodation because of the accommodation deficit, a situation that has led to the increase in hostel prices each year.

We have a dedicated post on how you can book accommodation on campus.

Before that, there is a need to know how many halls are in KNUST, the male halls if any and obviously the portal you can use to book accommodation.

There are six(6) halls in KNUST. Unity hall and the University hall were all-male halls until management converted them to unisex halls in 2018.

Below are the traditional halls of residence in KNUST

Residential Halls

  • Queen Elizabeth II Hall
  • Unity Hall
  • Independence Hall
  • Republic Hall
  • University Hall
  • Africa Halls Hall

More on the halls of residence at KNUST.

Below is the brief history of the halls of residence at KNUST.

Independence Hall


As the premier and maiden hall in KNUST, Independence Hall also serves as a permanent hall of residence for all genders (both male and female students).

This hall is very special in KNUST and Ghana at large because it was opened in 1959 to commemorate Ghana’s independence on March 6, 1957.

Members of the halls are popularly known as ‘Spartans’. The main hall has 198 rooms, coupled with 96 rooms in an 8-storey annex.

Aside from its beautiful and serene environment, it also has a well-equipped internet café, communication centre, Gym, chapel, salon, Games room, mini-mart and a Dining Hall.

Africa Hall


First occupied by students on October 14, 1967, the hall was converted into a mixed hall in 2018, as part of the university’s policies under the leadership of Prof. Obiri Danso.

Members of Africa Hall are called “Domites”. Considered as one of the best halls on campus by students, Africa Hall has a modern internet café, Mini Basketball court, Games room, Salon, Chapel, Laundry, a modern mini-market, and a well-managed kitchen that serves food. It also has a J.C.R that sticks all kinds of food.

University Hall


The University Hall, popularly known as “Katanga” was established to commemorate the accession of the then Kumasi College of Technology to a full University status on August 22, 1961.

As a male giant hall on campus, which was always a rivalry with ‘Conti’, Unity Hall, Katanga lost its status to a mixed hall in 2018, as part of the policies of the University under the administration of Pro. Obiri Danso.

Among the hall’s facilities include Barbering Salon, Games room, Chapel, a mini-market, communication centre, internet café, a Gym, kitchen that serves food, coupled with a very entertaining and lively Junior Common Room (J.C.R).

The hall can accommodate up to 792 students and 380 students in the main hall (198 rooms) and annex (95 rooms) respectively.

Republic Hall


The Republic Hall was established to commemorate the attainment of Ghana’s Republican status in 1960. Though it was initially established to admit only male students, the hall changed to a mixed hall status and started admitting female students in 1991. It has 198 rooms and 96 rooms in the main block and annex respectively.

Republic Hall has a modern mini basketball court, Chapel, Games room, Salon, Gift Shop, a kitchen that serves food, and a very popular Junior Common Room called “Cock Tarven”.“Repu” is the popular name of the hall, and it is also well known for its unique Hall Week Celebration style on campus and beyond.

Unity Hallknust-halls-of-residence

Unity Hall, popularly known as “Conti” admitted its first batch of students on October 16, 1968.

Presently, the hall has a student population of over 1000.

Members of the halls are popularly called “Continentals” or “Conti” for short. Its modern facilities have been nicknamed “The Twin of Towers”.

Conti has a modern internet café, Communication & business centre, Basketball court, a Games room, a Boutique & Gift Shop, Barbering Salon, kitchen that serves food and a shopping mall with a well-stocked Supermarket.

Unity Hall is also the only hall with a radio station-Continental Radio 96.1fm and the most comfortable, friendly and spacious Junior Common Room on campus.

Due to a change in the university’s policies, Conti lost its male hall status to a mixed hall on August 1, 2018.

Queen Elizabeth II Hall


The Queens Hall popularly called was named after the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II, and the hall was officially commissioned by the Duke of Edinburgh in November 1959.

However, Queen Elizabeth II never visited the hall until 1961 during her state visit to Ghana.

The hall’s facilities include a modern internet café, Communication Centre, Badminton court, Salon, Games room, a Gym, Gift Shop, shopping mall, and a kitchen that serves food.

Members of the hall are popularly called “Royals”. Currently, Queens Hall is a mixed hall with 294 rooms in the heart of the KNUST campus.

Aside from the traditional halls, there are other hostels management of the university has a stake in. That is to say, management contributes to the running of these hostels on campus.

Below are the hostels on KNUST Campus.

Hostels On KNUST Campus

There are several hundreds of hostel facilities available around the university. A few are listed here;

  • Hall 7
  • Brunei hostels
  • SRC hostels
  • Credit Union hostels
  • Graduate students hostel


We believe that we have explained in detail every necessary information you need to know about the hall of residence at KNUST.

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