KNUST Accommodation Portal Opened For Booking

    KNUST Accommodation Portal Opened For Booking

    Management of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology has officially opened its accommodation portal for booking.

    By this development, freshers can log in and reserve a bed space by following the steps outlined below;

    If you are looking for a comprehensive guide on how to apply for KNUST accommodation or looking for accommodation in any of the traditional halls, you are at the right place.

    The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology has six traditional halls, i.e, the University Hall, commonly known as Katanga, Unity Hall, also known as Conti, Republic Hall, Queens Hall, Independence Hall, and Africa Hall.

    Until 2019, KNUST had three unisex halls, i.e, Republic Hall, Independence Hall and Queens Hall. The University Hall ( Katanga), Unity Hall (Conti) were all-male halls and Africa Hall was an all-female hall.

    Aside the six traditional halls, KNUST also boasts of other hostels in and around the university campus. Brunei, Hall 7, The SRC Hostel, GRASSAG Hostel and the MasterCard Hostel are other hostels located on campus.

    Students initially were automatically affiliated to a hall once they gain admission into the university but it looks like things have changed lately. The new norm is that students have to wait for KNUST accommodation portal to be opened for application.

    This has undoubtedly created a rigorous competition coupled with the pressure on the school’s server which normally leads to the downtime of the portal.

    Traditional Halls

    University Hall, KatangaKNUST Accommodation

    Unity Hallknust accommodation

    Queen Elizabeth II HallKNUST Accommodation

    Africa HallKNUST Accommodation

    Republic HallKNUST Accommodation

    Independence HallKNUST Accommodation

    Freshers must:

    1. Accept the offer of admission to proceed.
    2. Pay academic fees in full before applying for accommodation.
    3. Please note: Do not pay academic and residential fees together. Make a reservation for accommodation before payment of residential fees.

    Banks You Can Pay Your Residential Fees At

    Students after paying their academic fees in full can go ahead and pay for the residential fees at these banks, i.e, CalBank, Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB), GT Bank, UBA, Ecobank and ABSA Bank.

    Follow the steps below to apply for KNUST Accommodation

    1. Login with your Application Number and PIN by clicking on this link
    2. Select the Make a reservation button to view available accommodation.
    3. Read and accept the accommodation instructions.
    4. Select accommodation from the list available. A reservation code will be generated.
    5. Logout of the system and proceed to a paypoint to pay residential fees.
    6. After payment of residential fees, login to the system to select a room.