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KNUST: EI By SRC President Illegal, Withdraw And Apologise To Students – KNUST Students’ Parliament


The KNUST Students’ Parliament House has in a press release dated Saturday, 4th July, 2020 addressed some inconsistencies as well as the illegality in the entirety of the Interim Students Committee Act 2020, enacted by the SRC President and other stakeholders.

The KNUST SRC President, Master Adu-Baah Charles, in a letter attached to the supposed Act, dated 3rd July, 2020 explained that the Act has been occasioned by the need to transfer powers of the current SRC executives whose tenure technically ended at the end of last month to an interim committee to ensure that students’ interests are continually fought for.

The Act was met with mixed reactions from student politicians and the entire student body. Whereas some said it was a good move by the SRC, majority contended that in as much it is a laudable step by the SRC, provisions in both the constitution of the SRC and the standing orders of the SRC Parliamentary Council were largely breached in the formation of the committee.

The latter stance is what the KNUST Students’ Parliament(KSPH) associated itself with in their press release. Their general contention is that the framers of the constitution, the ‘outgone’ SRC President in particular, breached various provisions of the SRC constitution thus rendering said Act/Instrument illegal, null and void.

They argue that the student body, whose interest the Interim Committee seeks to represent and protect, were not consulted on who they want as their representatives on the committee. They also posit that the ‘outgone’ SRC President lacked the mandate to assent to the supposed Act.

Consequently, they have issued an ultimatum of seven days to the SRC President to, as a matter of urgency, come out to apologise and repeal the illegal, supposed Act or face the legal wrath of the House.

Read the full release below: