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Don’t Miss this Opportunity to Join The KNUST Students’ Parliament House

KNUST Students' Parliament House
Clerks Department of the 13th Parliament.

The KNUST Students Parliament is a mock Parliament house on campus that seeks to defend, protect, preserve and project the rightful interest of students on campus.

The KNUST Students’ Parliament House address both internal(issues affecting students) issues and issues of national interest where they usually put down their resolutions at sittings and address them to the Dean of Students for appropriate solutions to be found to such problems or challenges that may bring uncertainties in the lives of students to continue to enjoy students’ life.

KNUST Students' Parliament House
13th Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Robert Kumi Adu-Gyamfi (Rtd)

They meet 3-4 times a whole semester unless there is emergency sitting so there is no waste of time there.

The House also serves as a training grounds for members or students who want to learn public speaking or become good debaters and arguers.

KNUST Students' Parliament House
A section of Members of Parliament

It provides leadership skills for all her members. It is on record that most student leaders on campus are or were members of the KNUST Students’ Parliament House. For the past five years, KNUST Students’ Parliament House has been producing the SRC President or Vice and the SRC women’s commissioner as well as departments, faculties and colleges executives.

The House aims at training students to become good and great leaders for Ghana and the world as a whole.

They also do visit the national Parliament and they also send a delegation to us every second semester.

Let me also state that, the KNUST Students’ Parliament House is a House of full protocol, “connections and links” as well. There are attachment opportunities from national Parliament to her members as well as national service slots and conferences outside Ghana.

The KNUST Students’ Parliament was established by national Parliament and Hon. Joseph Owusu, first deputy speaker of Ghana’s Parliament is the patron of all students Parliament House in Ghana. The House operates under the watch of the Public Affairs Department of the Parliament of Ghana.

14th Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Mahmud Abdul Waliu Kabore

We receive new people to the House every year through the release of our nomination forms which comes at a cost of just 30 cedis which include your dues for the first session and a KSPH sticker for your laptop.

The youngest MP, Hon. Francisca Kwarteng in Ghana’s Parliament was a member of KSPH, Dr. Amoah, a lecturer, Mrs. Afia a TV presenter, Mr. Danso, Chief Engineer at Gold Mines, Mr. Sadik at DVLA Ghana were all members of KNUST Students Parliament.

KNUST Students’ Parliament House is there to shape and form students very well and prepare them with mature minds, effective communication skills, ability to speak in public without any fear, courage to address a whole crowd without feeling shy.

You will be able to analyze issues critically to speak with facts. KNUST Students’ Parliament House will make you very influential that your positive presence can be felt anywhere you find yourself.

Please note that your program is not a barrier to Join KNUST Students’ Parliament House. It is about personal impacts and achievements. We have engineering students, pharmacy students, Medical students, Business students, social science students, Agric students and others.

KNUST Students' Parliament House
Swearing-In of 13th Members of Parliament

Join KNUST Parliament House now and be a great leader for your church, class, faculty, college, your society, Ghana and the world as a whole.

#Please take note There is nothing like Partisan politics in the House.

All interested persons should kindly contact.






for more information.
You may also send an email to knuststudentspatliamenthouse@gmail.com

Get interactive with KSPH via their social media handles.


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