UG residential fees: ‘Don’t resort to violence if you don’t agree with increment’ – Campus security chief


    Head of Security at the University of Ghana, Mr. George Amofa, has pleaded with students of the University against resorting to violence to express their dissatisfaction with the increment in hall fees.

    On Wednesday, Management of the University published the official fees for the residential halls.

    For residents of the traditional halls, which include Mensah Sarbah Hall, Akuafo Hall, Commonwealth Hall, Volta Hall, and Legon Hall, they are to pay GHC 853.00, representing an about 5% increase in last year’s charges.

    Residents in the University of Ghana Enterprise Limited halls, made up of Hilla Limann Hall, Kwapong Hall, Frances Sey Hall, and Jean Nelson Hall, are to pay GHC1,790.00, representing an about 33% increment.

    Whilst the current atmosphere in the University does not suggest that students would rise against the official figures, Mr. George Amofa is reechoing to students to use appropriate channels to address their any grievance.

    “I’m reminding students that there is a procedure of channeling their grievances. Students should use their negotiation skills to get what they want and not through violence,” Mr. Amofa said.

    With barely a week to school resuming, Mr. Amofa, assured students of safety on campus.

    He says that the security will do their best to combat crime on campus in the forthcoming academic year.

    That notwithstanding, he is advising them to be security conscious as they return.

    “The students will be as safe as always. The allegation that campus was not safe was not true comparatively. The students should know that security starts with them. We will give them tips on how to be safe, the students have to be conscious of their own security so that they can complete their course in peace and achieve their aim,” he said

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