Lockdown: Our Soldiers Are Professionals, They Don’t Brutalise – GAF

    Lockdown: Our Soldiers Are Professionals, They Don’t Brutalise – GAF

    The Ghana Armed Forces have dismissed claims of brutalities by soldiers deployed to ensure compliance with the two-week lockdown to slow the spread of the deadly COVID-19.

    There have been several videos on social media in which some soldiers are seen brutalising citizens for purportedly flouting the lockdown and refusing to stay at home as directed by the President.

    Speaking at a Press Conference on Wednesday, April 1, 2020, Brigadier General Nsiah stated that the videos making rounds are false. According to him, there has been only once incident of military brutality adding that the officer involved has been recalled to the barracks.

    “Our soldiers are well trained and they don’t brutalise. We have deployed over 1000 soldiers and we have had only one incident which does not involve slapping,
    that soldier has been called back to the barracks,” Brigadier General Nsiah said.

    He added “those videos are false…be assured that your soldiers are professionals and don’t brutalise, we went round and educated the soldiers before they were deployed…those telling lies to stop it…I don’t know what your agenda is…let’s encourage our officers in the field.

    Brigadier General Nsiah added that generally there has been compliance by the citizens on the lockdown directives but added that they have had a few problems in some areas.