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KNUST Graduate Exhibition And Fashion 2019 Launched


The 2019 edition of the annual KNUST Graduate Exhibition and Fashion show has been launched at the Commercial Area of the university. This event organised by student designers of the Department of Industrial Art, modelled out creative designs drawn out from antique and modern fashion.

Miss Keziah Daniels (left), Designer of ‘Bride Erotica’

Miss Keziah Daniels narrating what motivated her to come out with her ‘Bride Erotica’ designs said the bridal collection, which features gowns of unusual colors were inspired by Coral Reefs, which are large underwater structures, composed of skeletons of coral. ‘They come in an amazing array of body shapes and colour’, she added.

Speaking on Kaftan with fur, Julien Nee Quaye Kotei said that the concept behind the design is to bring a sense of enlightenment to men’s fashion. The inspiration was derived from the bird, Crimson topaz, because of its natural change of colures like the chameleon. The collection is designed for men who are ready to put themselves out there and can boldly wear garments of extraordinary style, which will boost their confidence and fashion senses’.

According to Miss Regina Adagbui, postmodern architecture, whose design is a merge of fashion and art inspired her ‘Genius Loci’ themed collection. She added that, the nature of the collection is based on mixed media concept’, she added.

Dr. Charles Frimpong, Head, Department of Industrial Art

Dr. Charles Frimpong, Head, Department of Industrial Art at the launch said the Fashion Exhibition project, whose objective is to showcase the products for public education and appreciation, has progressed over the years.

He promised a great show in the main event and called for the collaboration of everyone to make the main event a memorable one. The main event is slated for 23rd – 25th May, 2019 at the KNUST Jubilee Mall.

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