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Hyepa Trends Fashion tips: 3 facts for outfit selection

   Our daily outfits transforms your body language and attitude, they lift us emotionally and physically. Your boldness and confidence can be deduce your outfit even before you speak. You therefore know that, the choice of outfit is key. You might therefore want to consider these steps in your pick when it comes to clothes.
  Firstly OCCASION:importantly, being it church,merry making ceremonies, interviews, the type of occasion should be your first consideration in your outfit selection, I bet you will not want to appear at an official occasion in jeans shorts, flowery crop top and sneakers.
   Secondly COLOR; light colored clothes reflects light and heat while dark clothes absorbs heat. Light colored, loose fitting clothes are The top choice of hot weather. Dark colors like violet,black,brown,army green and many others transmit heat retained from the sun to the skin, making the body hotter. Pick colors that suits the occasion and time.

Finally STYLE; style is a way to say who you are ,without having to speak-Rachel Zoe. After considering the occasion and color, the final but important item is style. What style best suits the occasion?

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Glitter and gowns are suitable for evening functions and weddings. Loosed light colored clothes plus short pants put you in a beachy and sporty mood. Step out today in attractive clothes in good conditions and appropriate style and let your body do the talking.
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