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Newly Created Regions And Their Capitals [Complete Guide]


In this article, we are showing all you need to know about the newly created regions and their capitals in Ghana.

Ghana is a West African country with a land area of about 228,533 square kilometres and over 30 million in population. Before the year 2020, Ghana had ten(10) Regions.

Ghana held a referendum to create new Regions on December 27, 2018, and voting took place in all forty-seven (47) districts selected to be part of these new Regional creations. This election recorded 99% yes votes in all regions and turnouts ranging from 80-90%.

This turnout brought about the creation of six more new Regions, which led to the division of some already existing Regions.

Six new Regions have been created from the Volta, Brong Ahafo, Northern, and Western Regions.

The Volta Region was divided into the Oti Region. The Ahafo region and Bono East region respectively have been carved out of the then Brong-Ahafo region. This was in fulfilment of a promise made by candidate Nana Akuffo Addo in his 2016 campaign rally.

The Northern Region was divided into the North East Region and the Savannah Region. Out of the Western Region, the Western North was formed.

After the creation of the Regions, the President appointed Regional Ministers. All 16 Regions in Ghana have Regional Ministers nominated by the President of the Republic of Ghana and approved by the Parliament of Ghana. They are captured in the post highlighted.

Newly Created Regions And Their Capitals

Below are the newly created regions and their capitals;

The Oti Region – Dambai

The Oti Region was established in December 2018 as one of Ghana’s six newly constituted regions. The northern part of the Volta Region was split away to create this region. It is found in the Krachi East district, and its capital is Dambai.

The Ahafo Region – Goaso

The Ahafo Region was amongst the new six regions created, and its capital is Goaso.

The Bono East Region – Techiman

Ghana’s Bono East area was created out of the Brong Ahafo Region, and Techiman serves as the new region’s capital.

The North-East Region – Nareligu

It is located in the north of the country and was established in December 2018 following a referendum to separate it from the Northern region. Nalerigu is the region’s capital.

The Savannah Region – Damango 

The Savannah Region of Ghana is one of its newest regions, yet it is also its largest. The new Savannah Region’s capital, Damongo, was established, and it lies in the country’s northwestern region.

The Savannah Region is divided into seven districts: Bole, Central Gonja, North Gonja, East Gonja, Sawla/Tuna/Kalba, West Gonja, North East Gonja, West Gonja, North East Gonja, and West Gonja, North East Gonja, as well as seven constituencies: Bole/Bamboi, Damongo, Daboya/Mankarigu, Salaga North, Salaga South, Sawla/Tuna/Kalba and Yapei /Kusawgu.

The Western North Region – Sefwi Wiawso

The Western North Region is one of Ghana’s six new regions. In the area, there are various small and large-scale gold mining companies. The Sefwis dominate the region’s ethnic culture, and Sefwi, Akan, French, and English are the primary languages spoken. It has nine districts, and its capital is Wiawso.

To see the full list of the 16 regions in Ghana and their capitals, kindly visit our dedicated page.


Presented above is the list of newly created regions and their capitals

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