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How To Prepare Fried Rice In Ghana (The Complete Guide)


Fried rice is a dish of plain boiled rice which has been stir-fried in a pan with a mix of normal vegetables, eggs, chicken and soy sauce. Fried rice originated from the Sui Dynasty in Yangzhou in China, and it was introduced as a way of utilizing leftovers.

Ghana has a variety of delicacies, whether local, international or fast food. Examples of these are waakye, beans, fufu, banku, kokonte, Jollof, light soup, groundnut soup, kelewele, pizza and fried rice. 

The Ghanaian people love all these foods, and it isn’t easy to pick one as a favourite. Today, we are talking about how to make Ghanaian style fried rice.

Ingredients For Preparing Fried Rice In Ghana

The ingredients we will be using in this recipe are:

  • 1lbs chicken breast
  • Ginger powder
  • Garlic powder
  • Onion powder
  • Chicken seasoning
  • Dark soy sauce
  • Oil
  • Green, yellow and red bell pepper
  • Three eggs
  • Carrots
  • Cabbage
  • Onion
  • Spring onion
  • 3 cups of cooked rice

We first have to prep all our ingredients.

  • Cut your chicken breast into as tiny pieces as you prefer and season it with garlic powder, ginger powder, onion powder and chicken seasoning.
  • Crack your eggs into a bowl.
  • Chop your carrots, green, red and yellow bell pepper, cabbage, onion and spring onions to your desire.
  • Slice your onion.

It should be noted that you can omit any of these vegetables if you wish.

How To Prepare Fried Rice (Preparation Method)

Below are the steps to prepare delicious fried Rice in Ghana. This is the easiest method you will ever find online.

1. In a pan, add a little oil of your choice (sunflower, coconut, olive oil etc.)

2. To that, add your eggs. You may use as many or as few eggs as you prefer. You can also choose to omit it entirely. Season the eggs with a bit of salt, scramble them until they are nicely cooked, and then set aside in a bowl.

3. In the same pan, add a little oil and your chicken breasts. To that, add your ginger powder, garlic powder, onion powder and chicken seasoning. You may use any seasoning you prefer. 

Please give it a good stir. We’ll be cooking the chicken in its juices, since it releases some juice while it’s being cooked. When ready, put the chicken in a bowl and set it aside.

4. Next, we have to give our vegetables a good stir-fry. Add some more oil into the pan. To that, add your vegetables, excluding the cabbage and spring onion.

Stir fry the vegetables for 1 minute to avoid them being mushy. Season it with some salt to your taste. Then add the cabbage, stir fry for 30 seconds, put into a bowl and then set aside.

5. Add some more oil and sliced onions to the same pan. Sauté this for about 30 seconds. Add some grated ginger and garlic to add flavour and sauté for about a minute.

6. Add the boiled rice and dark soy sauce. Please give it a good toss until every grain of rice is coated with the sauce.

7. Add your chicken, eggs and vegetables along with the spring onions. Mix them very well.

And our Ghanaian style fried rice is ready. This can be eaten with or without fried chicken and our famous Ghanaian shito.


Below are the frequently asked questions about how Fried Rice is prepared in Ghana.

How fried rice is prepared in Ghana?

In a wok or frying pan heat oil and butter until very hot. Add peppers and chives and cook for about 2 to 3 minutes. Add eggs and cook like scrambled eggs. Add rice and soy sauce and cook, moving rice around constantly until done (About 2 minutes).

What are the main ingredients in fried rice?

There are several basic ingredients you need to prepare fried Rice in Ghana but the main ingredients are;

  • Cooked Rice
  • Cooking Oil

Aside from these two, the ingredients we have mentioned above are all used to prepare Fried Rice in Ghana.

What gives fried rice its flavor?

There are a few different seasoning that make fried rice taste just right. The most important are soy sauce, oyster sauce and fish sauce. All three add unique flavours to rice, but it can be easy to go overboard. Make sure you add small amounts of each and regularly taste the rice.

What gives fried rice its color?

Many people think that the golden-brown color in the rice comes from soy sauce and sesame oil.
And while both of those ingredients do add a bit of color, most of the color actually comes from properly cooking the rice on its own to a golden color before adding the rest of the ingredients. So, the oil is essential.

How do I start a fried rice business?

If you want to start a fried rice business, you do not have to prepare a large business capital. You can always open a street vendor.
Yet, if you have a lot of capital, you can open a restaurant in a better place. Maybe you can rent a place or food court to open a food stall specializing in various fried rice menus.


In this article, we explained the processes to prepare fried rice in Ghana.

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