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Best Remedial Schools In Ghana


Remedial schools are educational institutions where students who previously did not understand concepts are re-taught and prepared for examinations. These schools take up the responsibility to assist students in understanding specific academic subjects.

In Ghana, there are two essential examinations: the Basic Education Certificate Examination and WASSCE, which every parent wants their child to excel in. 

At the WASSCE level, students have the opportunity to redeem themselves by attending remedial classes and writing the November-December(NOV-DEC). 

The West African Examination recently introduced the NOV-DEC system for Junior High School graduates who were unsuccessful with some courses and wanted to better their grades. 

Over the years, many SHS leavers who cannot make the cut-off points for their preferred universities have turned to these remedial schools for assistance.

Unfortunately, there is a wrong notion that those who attend remedial schools are academically weak, and that’s false.

We know students who scored 7A’s in the WASSCE and had to attend a remedial school to score 8A’s to qualify for competitive courses like BSc. Human Biology(Medicine), Pharmacy, Law, Business Administration, to name a few. 

If not for these remedial schools, thousands wouldn’t have had the opportunity to prove themselves and attend schools of their choice. You know so many things can account for examination failure, not necessarily being academically weak. 

There are a lot of top-notch remedial schools in Ghana that have helped students excel and attend their dream universities. This article brings to you 5 of the best remedial schools in Ghana.

Best Remedial Schools In Ghana


Below are the list of the best remedial schools in Ghana to consider when you want to better your grades to attend the university of your choice;

1. Supreme International College

Supreme International college was established in 2012 under the companies code 1963, Act 179. It is located off the Adenta Dodowa road. The College is registered and accredited by the Ghana Education Service and the West Africa Examination Council. 

One mission of the School is to encourage students to develop their full potential. Some departments of the College include the WASSCE remedial department, free university department, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, a School of Film and Media Studies. 

The College has led many students in achieving their desired examination results. It is, therefore, no wonder it is considered the best Remedial School in Ghana.

Contact Number

: +233 207518781    | +233 245009627  | +233 246397453  |  +233 30541316

Email Addressinfo@supremecollge.com | supremeinternationalcollege@yahoo.com

Our Postal Address:

Supreme International College, Post Office Box DT 2878, Adenta – Accra, Ghana


Adenta Campus 

Adenta, opposite Fidelity Bank ( Washing Bay Bus Stop) , off the Adenta – Dodowa Main Road ( R40), Accra, Ghana.

Achimota Campus

Achimota, (Mile 7 Junction, Opp. Best Point Savings and Loan, Adjacent Mile 7 Police Station), Accra

Tema Study Center

Tema Community 1, near the main station (directly opposite Maame Sekune (same premises with Direct Savings & Loans)

2. Ideal College

Ideal College is one of the best remedial schools in Ghana. Ideal College is a second-cycle private institution located at Legon in the Greater Accra Region. It is headed by Mr. Joseph Kobina Essibu and was established in 2002. 

It is registered under the Ghana Education Service. Ideal College offers Remedial classes and University diploma entrance examinations, University mature students exams, and professional courses. 

The College has another campus located at Tema and many other places in Ghana. Ideal College is a co-educational institution and is affiliated to the Seventh-Day Adventist Church of Ghana.

Contact Details

Address:Opp. UPSA
Postal address:PMB L 40
Region:Greater Accra
Telephone:0302 514773
Mobile:023 0827543
020 7857672
024 4275830

3. Premodal Intensive Remedial School

This is a one-year WASSCE remedial school affiliated to the Premodal SHS and Preset Pacesetters SHS. It was established in 1995 and is located in Madina, Accra. 

The School offers courses in General Science, General Arts, Visual Arts, Business, and Home Economics. 

It is accredited by the Ghana education service and aims at providing teaching and practical examination tips.

Phone Number





P. O. Box LG621
Legon, Accra

4. Stream Street College

This is a Christian institution located in Accra with the motto Education with Integrity. Along with helping students excel academically, the College also supports their students’ moral and spiritual well-being. 

The College has hostel facilities on campus for students, and they also have compulsory and supervised evening prep and dawn classes every week. It is a one-year remedial School.

Contact Details

  • P.O. Box LG 721, Legon
  • Address: 33 Trinity Road, Legon-Accra
  • Phone: 0509 627 497 or 0244 039 363
  • Email: info@streamstreetcollege.com

5. His Majesty Academy

His Majesty Academy was established in August 1998. It is a private school, and it is located at Dansoman Sahara in Accra.

The School’s motto is discipline, dedication, and commitment. The School aims at providing excellent academic education, and its core value is academic excellence. 

These remedial schools in Ghana are accredited by the National Accreditation Board and are under the supervision of the Ghana Education Service. 

The School prides itself in producing notable alumni such as Joe mettle and Thomas Buxton, and it is no doubt one of the best remedial schools in Ghana. This is one the best remedial schools in Ghana.


  • His Majesty Senior High School
    Dansoman-Sahara, Accra. It is behind Ecobank.
  • His Majesty Pre University College
    (Diploma & WASSCE Remedial)

    Dansoman-Exibition, Opposite Seven Great .

School Address

His Majesty Senior High School
P.O Box DC 650

+233 244 277 107 / 0302 30 33 57


Final words on the best remedial schools in Ghana

Presented above are the best remedial schools in Ghana.

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