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Best 12 Schools In Ghana With The Strongest Alliance 2023


One of the best memory and experience of High School can leave you belonging to an alliance, especially if you were in a single-sex school.

In this article, we analyse the list of 12 schools in Ghana with the strongest alliance.

Alliance popularly known as “Allia” is a union between two schools for both their present and past students. This union is mostly between single-sex schools and is accepted by authorities of the various schools to allow their student to socialize.

Alliance over the years has become a bragging right for students and schools that partake. This union has gone as far as leading to job opportunities and many other advantages.

It’s during some school events like inter-college sports(Interco), Milo games, Quizzes, Debates, School Anniversaries, and many others that you see alliances come to play.12-schools-in-ghana-with-the-strongest-alliance

12 Schools In Ghana With The Strongest Alliance

Here are the 12 schools in Ghana with the strongest alliance to check out;

1. Kumasi High School & Kumasi Girls

Both schools are in the Ashanti region and have one of the most popular alliances. Kumasi High School, known as Mmrante3 or Kuhis, and Kumasi Girls known as Kugiss or Ahemaa. Their alliance is known as Kuhis-Kugiss or MMRAHEMAA with the slogan Mmbrahemaa For Real!!!

2. St. Thomas Aquinas & Accra Girls.

Both schools are in the Greater Accra region. Students from St. Thomas Aquinas refer to themselves as Old Tom and Accra Girls also known as Agiss and refer to themselves as Agossa. Their alliance is known as Staaga.

3. Pope John senior High & Krobo Presbyterian Girls

Pope John senior high popularly known as POJOSS refers to its students as Pojomma and their alumni as Pojoba which they respond as Daasebre was established in the year 1958 and Krobo Girls also known as Krogiss was established in the year 1927. Both schools in the Eastern region have a tight union with the alliance name POJOKRO.

4. St. John’s Boys & Archbishop Poter Girls

Archbishop Poter Girls(APGSHS) popularly known as Poter bells was founded in 1965 in the western region. The school is situated on a hill in Fijai, Takoradi, and hence has been known as the “Hill of Tranquility” for its peaceful and serene academic environs.

The school has its coalition with St. John’s Boys in the Western Region, established in the year 1952. St. John’s popularly refers to its students as Saints and their past students as Old Saints. The schools together have the union name APSAINTS.

5. Presbyterian Boys Senior High School & Aburi Girls’ Senior High School

The number 5 of our 12 schools In Ghana with the strongest alliance is Presbyterian Boys and Aburi Girls’ Senior High School. Presbyterian Boys was founded in 1938 and is located in Accra and is popularly known as PRESEC and refers to its students as Odadee.

The school has an ongoing alliance with Aburi Girls, founded in 1946 and located in the Eastern region. The school is known to many students as Abugiss together with its collegiate is called PREGISS.

6. St. Peter’s Senior High School & St. Roses Senior High School

Both schools are in the Eastern region and have one of the strongest alliances. St. Roses are referred to as ROSEC and St. Peter’s is referred to as PERSCO. The two schools together form the union SPEROSA with the slogan In a class of our own.

7. Mfantsipim School & Wesley Girls’ Senior High School

Mfantsipim popularly known as Kwabotwe is located in the Central region with their alumni union known as MOBA.

Mfantsipim is nicknamed “The School” by its old boys for the fact that several other schools in Ghana such as Prempeh College and Ghana National College were born out of it, as these schools were started with students from Mfantsipim. The school has a strong alliance with Wesley Girls also in the Central region and is referred to as WeyGeyHey.

8. Prempeh College & Yaa Asantewaa Girls’ Senior High School

Both schools are situated in Ashanti, with Prempeh established in 1949 and Yaa Asantewaa Girls’ SHS established in 1961.

Prempeh refers to its students and alumni as Amanfour and Yaa Asantewaa known as YAGSHS refers to the present students as Adehye and the alumni as YAOGA.

The two schools have the alliance name Amanadehye. Because of this bond, they make it to our ultimate 12 schools in Ghana with the strongest alliance.

9. St. Augustine’s College & Holy Child Senior High School.

Holy Child (HOPSA) was established in the year 1946 in the Central region. The school popularly known as Holico is also called Angel’s Hill.

Holy Child has an ongoing with St. Augustine’s College(APSU), popularly known as Augusco also in the Central. The alliance together is called APSU-HOPSA with the slogan “Action Nkotse” It’s tight!!!!

10. Accra Academy & St. Mary’s Senior School

Accra Academy popularly known as ACCRACA is nicknamed “Little Legon” and St. Mary’s is nicknamed “Merries”. Both schools in the Greater Accra region have an alliance called ACCASMA with the slogan A mark of intellectual friendship, but was formerly” Obaaworbleoo”.

11. Opoku Ware Senior High School & St. Louis Girls

Opokuware School often known as Owass refers to its past students as “Akatakyie” and St. Louis known as Louis refers to its alumni as “SLOPSA”. Both schools in the Ashanti region still maintains an ongoing alliance named AkATASLOPSA.

12. Adisadel College & Mfantsiman Girls’ Senior High School

The last on our list, but not with the weakest alliance group. Adisadel College popularly known as Adisco refers to its students as “Santaclausian” and Mfantsiman refers to her alumni as MOGA. Both schools in the Central region together form the SANTA-MOGA with the slogan “Stronger together”.

Final words on the 12 Schools In Ghana with the Strongest Alliance

The above is the list of all the 12 schools in Ghana with the strongest alliance.

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