10 Lessons I wish I knew before graduating from university


    Graduating from university is something that excites everyone. However, what most fail to realise is that there is more after school than just coming out with that paper. Below are 10 lessons we wish we knew before graduating from Uni.

    1. Campus love only last as long as you are schooling

    I wish I knew that the batteries of most Chinese phones lasted longer than most campus relationships. You kill yourself over someone’s daughter for four [bad] years only for them to even forget your contact number when the reality of national service hardship sets in! Chai

    2. Books over boys

    As a woman, I wish I had paid more attention to my books than playing the role of a premature wife! Time spent in washing his clothes could have been used in learning a skill or two. A girlfriend is not a wife.

    3. Volunteering over Telenovelas

    I wish I spent my vacation doing more voluntary work than just staying home idle watching soap operas. Volunteerism is skill development

    4. Brighter future over brighter skin

    As a woman, I wish I invested more in my skills than my skin. A bright skin doesn’t necessarily mean a bright future.

    5. Not judging a book by it’s cover, literally
    I wish I had read more books and not just their covers or titles. I wish I had read more newspapers and not just their headlines. The best travel experience is to read.

    6. Food is bae but knowledge is power
    I wish I developed my mind power … not just manpower. I wish I invested more into my mind than stomach. Indeed, mind power will always rule over manpower!

    7. Learnt more important skills

    I wish I knew how to write and update my CV/résumé better. CV writing is not rocket science. A graduate who can’t write a CV? Did you graduate from a university in Pluto!?

    8. Passion

    I wish I found my passion and pursued it with all my heart. Passion is about following your heart … not stomach.

    9. Being nice

    I wish I knew that my roommates then were going to be the “big shots” of today. I should not have quarreled with them over Food. We shouldn’t have been at loggerheads because of petty stuff. I could have treated them better!

    10. Reality

    And … I wish I knew that I may never apply whatever I was taught in the lecture hall in real life. Thus, I had to pay more attention to how I could pass life’s exams … than school’s exams!

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