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University of Ghana dazzles at 2019 World Universities Debate Championship


The University of Ghana Debate Society has made history with its record setting performance at the just ended 2019 World Universities Debate Championship.

The society currently stands as the most decorated debate society in West Africa at the Worlds Universities Debate Championship.

The team, after an equally impressive campaign at the PanAfrican Universities Championship in Tanzania, underwent intensive training to prepare for the prestigious supranational tournament.

Current President of the University of Ghana Debate Society, Mr. Jeremiah K. Sekyi won the Public Speaking category of the championship, the first African to achieve this feat.

Mr.Safo Kwame Oheneba, a level 300 Law Students also made it to the Semi Finals of the public speaking category despite it being his first appearance at the tournament.

Mr. Solomon Omani-Mensah and Madam Adepa Danso Abigail were also finalist competing adjudicators for the public speaking category of the competition.

Madam Maureen Kyere also become first Ghanaian to ever Chair a round of debate as a competing debate adjudicator.

The coach of the University of Ghana Debate Society, Mr. Antonio Edem Asinyo also was voted President to the WUDC Council, making him the first African to occupy this position. One of the major challenges that have been raised by some participants of the tournament ( particularly the African caucaus) is the existence of subtle but significant racism within the structures of tournament. The new Ghanaian Council President is expected to lead processes of reform towards eradicating those and other concerns.

The format of debate for this year’s debate category was the British Parliamentary (BP) format. Keio University, Tokyo won the Engish as a Foreign Language (EFL) category, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, won the English as a Second Language (ESL) category and the University of Sydney won the Open category (the category consisting of all participating universities )

The competition which span over 10 days saw 786 participants from about 300 Universities from around the world engage on a wide range of relevant world and philosophical issues.
The tournament also featured ancillary events like themed parties, fora and tours.

The University of Ghana Debate Society (UGDS) first participated in the tournament in 2015 ( held in De Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia). This year marks its 4th time participating. The University of Ghana is the only Ghanaian university that has participated in the prestigious tournament so far.

The next edition of the tournament will he hosted in the Assumption Univesity of Thailand.

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