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UG: Pax Romana President, Pamela Suglo Has Passed Away


Information gathered by the news team of Successafrica.info indicates that, the Pax Romana President, Pamela Suglo has passed away.[irp posts=”1688″ name=”University of Ghana Admission List For 2018/2019 Academic Year”]

Pamela, a level 400 Consumer Science Student and a resident of of Akuafo Hall passed away as result of a strange bacteria which affected her ear and subsequently affected her brain.

Pamie, as she was popularly known was the sitting president of the Catholic Church; Pax Romana -UG local.

The late Pamie snatched the top most role (President ) with  mind-blowing votes; to the Catholic friends, she was a gift to the church. Pamela indeed paid her dues to the church.[irp posts=”1619″ name=”UG: Approved Academic Calendar For 2018/2019 Academic Year”]

Pamela who was a staunch christian loved photography and would always be seen taking shots during and after events of the Church.

The team from Successafrica.info sends our condolences to her family and Pax Romana; UG local. May The Humble soul of Pamela Suglo rest in perfect peace!!

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