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Vals Day: To Get Love, Give Love.​


You can’t be in a loving relationship if you hold back. You can’t use love as a bargaining chip. Don’t tell your partner you love him or her only when he or she does something praiseworthy around the house or when he or she comes over.

Don’t give him or her the cold shoulder if he or she makes a mistake. You have to love him or her all the time regardless of his or her actions and words or how he or she speaks to you because true love is unconditional.

If you give your partner this much, hopefully, love will be given in return. Help your partner in all his or her endeavours. Love him or her and never hate him or her. Show him or her you truly loves him or her and she will give you love.

It is painful to love someone without him or her loving you back but continue showing love and I know one day, one day it will be well. I have been a victim to this and there is a saying that experience is the best teacher. Wishing you the best in your relationship. I urge you to be in a healthy relationship which is praiseworthy.

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