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TESCON Executives in Colleges of Education resign over ‘New National Service Policy’


The leadership of the Youth Wing of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the various Colleges of Education have reportedly resigned from their executive positions over the decision of government to allow Teacher Trainees undergo a compulsory National Service beginning from the 2018/19 academic year.

According to reports,The reasons for the mass resignations include claims that their own party government has become a threat to their job security and livelihood.

“The student disaffection started with the licensure examination, and now the National Service requirement. If care is not taken, the student front will be taken over by our opponent, the NDC. It is evident that, the opposition is fast infiltrating our student ranks, and the National Service requirement is at the heart of it.” the leadership indicated.

The leadership further revealed that a good number of students were threatening to boycott all TESCON activities on their various campuses.

“There is a need to state clearly that, the National Service is fast making the NPP, for that matter the government unpopular on the various college campuses despite the restoration of the trainees allowance and government policies such as NABCO and FSHS among others.” they emphasized.

TTAG has sent a petition to the Parliamentary Select Committee in charge of Tertiary education and the Presidency and, are planing a massive demonstration on November 7th to drive home their displeasure and frustration with the National Service mandate for Newly Trained Teachers.

TESCON PRESIDENTS in various colleges are also planning to send a petition to His Excellency The President.

“Let there be no doubt about it, Newly Trained Teachers are angry with the NPP government, and this might result in apathy or outright failure to vote NPP in 2020, if nothing is done fast to win back their sympathy.” the leadership said.

A statement issued by the TESCON President of the Akatsi College of Education directed a humble call on the
Hon Minister of Education and party leadership, the National Chairman,
General Secretary, and the
National Youth Organizer, to engage the students front especially, the TESCON leadership.

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