Students Give Gov’t Seven-day Ultimatum Over Loans


    A group of students believed to be beneficiaries of the Government’s Students’ Loan Trust Fund have threatened to hit the streets if the outfit fails to disburse funds.

    In a press statement copied to our outfit, the group say the delay of disbursement has cost a lot of students, some abandoning their program of study because of areas.

    “The recent delay in disbursement of funds from the outfit of SLTF is gradually deepening a lot of wounds, breaking legs and hearts of vulnerable tertiary students across the country” .

    The group say some students were also prevented from participating in the end of semester examination.

    Our Checks

    From our findings, some students specifically those from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology have not received their funds from last academic semester. Some beneficiaries we interviewed expressed worry over the delayed disbursement attributing that to some trails they had in some course because of unpaid fees.

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    Press Release.
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    Date: 27th January, 2020.


    The etymology of Student Loan Trust Fund (SLTF) was that, it was established in December, 2005 under the trustee incorporation Act 1962 and Act 820 with the main focus and objective of providing financial support and resources for the sound management of the trust for the benefit of Students and to help promote and facilitate the national ideals enshrined in the article 28 and 38 of the 1992 constitution.

    Pursuant to Article 28 clause 4 and Article 38 clause 1, we think the establishment of this trust fund is not out of order and indeed it’s a good cause in the right direction. The recent delay in disbursement of funds from the outfit of SLTF is gradually deepening a lot of wounds, breaking legs and hearts of vulnerable tertiary students across the country.

    We don’t think, this fund was created to stage this agenda. The broad picture in which this Trust Fund is creating, looks uninspiring and scary but we can not tolerate it any more as Students.

    A lot of Students, across the length and breadth of this country who are beneficiaries of this Fund are very very disappointed to the extent that, a lot feel hopeless. It is undisputable fact that, some students have deferred their course, and some too were prevented to take part in the end of semester exams.

    We the aggrieved beneficiaries of this fund can’t afford ending our tertiary education at level 200 and 300. The kind of challenges in which we are going through is gradually putting us off from the educational ladder. We can’t wait any more, the time has come, the hour is now, and this is the exact minute for us to fight for our constitutional right. We are sick and tired of the flimsy excuses from the management of this Trust Fund.

    We promise them, we will hit the street and exhibit our displeasure to the authorities if the necessary actions are not taken. As association, we are giving the management of Student Loan Trust Fund (SLTF), one week ultimatum to do the needful (disburse the money). We will take this opportunity to appeal to the Minister of State in charge of Tertiary Education, Professor Kwesi Yankah, and the Minister of Education to step in immediately and solve this issue once and for all.

    We will also urge the Ministry of Finance to do the needful in the coming days because some tertiary students in Ghana are going through hell. Thank You.

    Adjei Boakye.
    Convener (0552905813)

    Adjei Shadrack
    Head of Communication. (0543281743)

    Simon Awotumyeigi.
    Head of Operations. (0241666586)

    Hamza Umar.
    NUGS President UDS -Wa campus.