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Student shot by teacher for smoking weed.


One of two students have been injured after been shot by the senior housemaster of Salaga Senior High School in the East Gonja District of Northern Region after been caught smoking weed.

Sources say they were found on the school’s campus after been suspended for engaging in a similar act.

The attention of the Senior housemaster, Mr. Asuma Sulley was drawn to their presence on the campus during an entertainment session by the schools cadet corps members.

The teacher is believed to have armed himself with a single barrel gun and headed to where they were but the two students upon seeing him started fleeing but he fired from a long range injuring the 19-year-old Mohammed Abdul-Rauf on both legs.

The other student is believed to have managed to escape but his colleague who sustained the bullet shots in both legs was rushed to the Salaga district hospital where he was treated and discharged.

Northern Regional Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Yusif Mohammed Tanko who confirmed the incident said efforts have been made to get the alleged culprit apprehended to assist in an investigation.

Reports suggest the teacher in question has fled the campus and his whereabouts is unknown.

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