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The Experts’ View: Here Are Top 10 Tips On Self Motivation For Students

Self Motivation For Students

Here are 10 Experts’ Tips On Self Motivation For Students we have compiled for anyone who needs self-motivation to survive

Every student goes through that tough and unsatisfactory situation sometimes, but with some motivation; a drive that will push you back to your toes, you can accomplish your dream. Motivation will boost you with the “ can-do spirit “ to achieve your set goals.

Becoming motivated as a student can be complicated but if you focus and determine to become self-motivated, you will be able to lift your head up high in the sky with flying colours in every endeavour of your life. Here are some inspirational tips that will keep you motivated.

Tips on Self Motivation For students

Below are our tips on self motivation for students;

1. Know Yourself

Self Motivation For Students

There are so many students who do not know themselves, You mostly see some imitating others or even doing things they don’t want to do. You need to ask yourself who you are, get yourself that important answer. What is your favourite food or game? What makes you happy or irritates you? What are you passionate about?

Getting answers to these questions will gradually reveal who you truly are. Try to know yourself. What works for you, and what doesn’t. Some people are able to study at night than in the morning, knowing what works for you will make you confident and believe in yourself. It will prevent you from anxiety and build your self-esteem.

2. Have A Dream

Self Motivation For StudentsNot knowing what you want to become can make you as a student frustrated in the middle of school, some even drop out because they give up and lack self-motivation. Once you have a dream, you know what you want to become and where you are going, then have a mental picture or picture in a frame to be hanged in your room, it can be of any profession you want to become to keep reminding you.

Try to set huge and detailed goals related to what you want to become. This will motivate you more by setting objectives you will follow to get lifted to that height. You can start by doing something small and consistently such as cleaning your room every day, reading for 3 hours daily.

3. Choose A Role Model

Self Motivation For Students

Role models are people who have accomplished some dreams similar to yours or you admire and look up to. It can be anyone who positively influences you to chase after your dream and set goals. Having a role model in your area of study or in your life will cause you to know more about how he/she went through some situations and how they overcame them.

You can also have a picture of your role model on your phone or in your room and also try listening or watching speeches and interviews of them. You can approach them if the person is in your school, for example, a perfect. This will inspire you to be motivated and active, not flatteringly admiring them but working hard more than them.

4. Be Time Conscious

Self Motivation For Students

Most students do not follow their time, they do not have timetables, schedules or alarms, which makes them fall victim of punishments and disappointment.

Scheduling your time and marking alerts or alarms on your phone, stopwatches or in books will help you to start enjoying most events and things you use to miss such as lectures, break and hangouts. The more you stay committed to your timing, the more disciplined and motivated you will become.

5. Develop Positive Habits

Self Motivation For StudentsHabits constantly practised become character such as not studying at all as a student, you will begin to lose interest in studying. When you decide to study as planned on your timetable, you will start getting positive feedbacks, these positive results will get you motivated.

Always think positively, try to avoid negative threads in your mind. The more positive you think, the easier things become for you. Read other motivational books and watch videos to get boosted and informed.

6. Avoid Comparison With Others And Review Your Results

Self Motivation For StudentsComparing yourself and results with others, their results and accomplishments can destroy your motivation, there are always people ahead of you and will always be people like that. Never try comparing yourself with others, try to mind your business and focus on your own results and how you can improve them. If you would compare let it be positive and motivate you to stretch more strings.

Review your results, is very relevant, this will help you to correct your mistakes and motivate you greatly not to repeat them rather help you to observe how good you have improved.

7. Be Confident And Fearless

Self Motivation For Students

You must face your challenges to get motivated. If you do not face difficult times, it will be difficult for you to tackle them. Always see obstacles as lessons and learn from them. Research or make inquiries about things before you start, this will make you informed and realistic on suggestions you are likely to obtain, it will take away fear and build your confidence in any task or step ahead.

8. Ask For Support

Self Motivation For Students

There are teachers, friends, relatives and colleagues who are supportive and willing, share your ideas with them so that they can add or direct you as to which one you have to execute, A little support will help you feel that belongingness which will encourage and motivate you to carry out more difficult plans.

9. Celebrate Your Little Achievement

Self Motivation For StudentsRemember your past successes and achievements and let them motivate you to do more. Try to celebrate yourself and reward yourself with small gifts or take yourself out to the mall, cinemas, tours and other exciting places to mark your achievements which will keep you motivated.

10. Be Creative And Think Outside THe Box

Self Motivation For Students

Do things you love doing, bring your talents out and sometimes showcase it if you are an artist you can draw someone and present it to him or her, which will get you motivated to do even more by the appreciation you will receive. Never imagine the future from the box of what your mind is in now and just because your mind is situated inbox of previous experiences, it doesn’t mean that is the limit of the world.

Remember that your possibilities are much bigger so try to create the future from the now and from nothing rather than past to experience bigger changes.

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