Top 15 Qualities of A Wife Material

    Qualities of A Wife Material

    Looking for qualities of a wife material to measure the strength and hope of your existing relationship?

    Are you looking for identifiable qualities to measure whether you are already with your potential wife?

    Unless otherwise, many people get into a relationship with the sole aim of settling down with their partner, especially at the time both are ready for this long and everlasting life journey.

    The sad, but hard truth is that when guys are ready for marriage, their consideration is way beyond physical attraction. You may be attracted to them with looks, but when the goal is to select a wife, so many factors come to play.

    Even though we cannot rule out physical beauty, which is the main element of attraction, the criteria normally favor those who are considered good managers of the home.

    Guys would want their friends to be proud of them, they need the thumps for a wife who is a good cook from their friends, and they need to be told by their friends, they have been lucky to have a hardworking lady.

    They will want to be told, Charlie, your wife is very respectful. Yes, at this stage, these are some things that will look mere in your eyes but will certainly matter a lot in a few days, months, or years to come when your time is up.

    Today, we are taking you through the top 15 qualities of a wife material that will guide you guys to know what to look for in a potential wife.

    What is Wife Material?

    Wife Material is a term used to describe the qualities of a woman that would be a great wife. The specific traits vary among men, but there are a few universals that all men seem to agree upon.

    Just as there are qualities to look for in a husband material, the qualities that your wife to be posses should not be underemphasized.

    A woman considered “wife material” embodies qualities of respect, trustworthiness, empathy, shared values, responsibility, commitment, adaptability, financial responsibility, independence, conflict resolution, support for personal growth, positive relationships with family and friends, and a sense of humor.

    Now let’s get into the details..

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    Top 15 Qualities of A Wife Material

    The following is the comprehensive list of 15 qualities of a wife material you need to know before you make that decision.

    1. She is physically attracted to you.

    First things first, guys are moved by what they see, so it is not surprising to know that physical beauty is the main element of attraction.

    It is normal to be loved by a guy based on your physical beauty. There is nothing wrong with that. Even though most of the qualities we are going to be discussing will out way this, physical beauty is the first thing that will give the guy the bragging right among his friends.

    If your would-be wife is naturally beautiful and possesses the qualities we are going to talk about, it is just a plus for you. Most friends are only interested to see the ‘beauty from the outside’.

    If your wife is physically attracted to you, it naturally ignites a lot of things to work smoothly as well. Less argument, when you truly love your wife. Consider the physical beauty.

    2. Inner Beauty (Personality)

    Every human being has two types of beauty, that of the body and that of the soul (what’s normally known as inner beauty)

    Look for a woman who is respectful and listens to you attentively when you are speaking to her, not the one who will be nodding along while thinking about the latest dress.

    The girl should be kind, decent, and generally have a good personality. Even if you do not know her for that long, if you pay attention to the way she treats other people, you will know. For instance, was she nice to your friends? Does she use “please” and “thank you” when speaking to regular people? These are also a few things to look out for.

    3. She makes you a better man.

    One of the qualities of a good wife is her ability to provide you with room to grow and develop your dreams.

    It is not about her trying to change you, but she should be able to change with you. People always grow, but it’s a matter of growing together or growing apart.

    Marriage or relationships shouldn’t end your social and professional lives. A good woman should be able to help you grow and achieve your dreams.

    4. Common Values

    One thing that also makes a relationship thrive is a shared common value.

    Your likes may never be the same, but as time goes on, try to develop some interest in what your partner likes.

    This is not to say you need the same hobbies or dreams, just the same values that are crucial to both of you. We encourage conversations that cover these important areas early.

    5. She can call out your mistakes.

    You must recognize that you may not always get everything right. You need someone who will care to put you back on the right track when you are making a lot of life-altering mistakes.

    Your wife should have the ability to call out the flaws in your decisions. In your finances, for example, you decide to sell your property and invest in something else. Your wife should be able to tell you the mistakes you are not seeing.

    6. She should be fun to be with.

    Life is not always about seriousness, and so sometimes you need someone who is fun to be with.

    You may not make your day always, but when you have someone who is fun to be with and can put smiles back on your face, why will you be looking for more?

    It is not only about when you are going out; you should feel great in each other’s company, and she should inspire good feelings in you with a nice, warm smile.

    7. An excellent cook.

    She needs to cook like the chefs at five-star hotels. Your would-be wife needs to know the right ingredients for each meal.

    Apart from being able to prepare traditional meals, she should master how to prepare a complicated meal.

    You would want to invite your friends over to the house for lunch and cannot simply contain the embarrassment if your wife is not a good cook. This is very important because it has destroyed many homes.

    8. God-fearing.

    She should not only be a churchgoer, but also someone who avails herself for roles in the church. Like a choir leader or youth leader. The pastor and elders should know her. She should always take the front seat in church, that is just on a lighter note.

    She should be noted to go to church in a dress below her knees. She ought to give offering and tithe. Anything less than that isn’t worth the trouble. She won’t raise children in a Godly way.

    9. A good homemaker.

    She needs to be someone who can depict her homemaking skills. Once in a while or always; she will wash her husband’s clothes. She will scrub the veranda, change the curtains and do all the essential work in the man’s house.

    10. She needs to be submissive

    You need not be hitting on the same thing for long. She should be submissive and give heed to your council.

    You wouldn’t want to be with someone who will easily talk back, even when you are correcting her.

    11. Should be on good terms with in-laws.

    A good wife respects and shows unconditional love to her in-laws. She loves her mother-in-law and sister-in-law as her family. She never argues or carries grudges no matter what happens. All in-laws love her in turn.

    12. Uses Money Wisely.

    She needs to use every penny carefully. She shouldn’t buy very expensive make-up and Brazilian weaves, boasting that “my man has money”. She ought to live contrary to the slogan; a man should not have a wife who spends more money than he can make. A good wife should have a money-making venture and good investment should be at her fingertips.

    13. Faithful.

    She needs to be faithful. Even if her boyfriend is in the United States or another town, and it takes forever for them to be together, she needs to be chaste.

    She should not have a thing going with his friend, a man in the office, or that strange man she met. This will make the marriage strong.

    14. Loyalty

    She is completely loyal and gives her all, but I know that she will leave if the trust and loyalty are not reciprocated. That’s the difference between wife material and doormat/booty call material.

    15. She has realistic expectations

    Women are often cultured into thinking they will always get a prince charming, and often that is not true. An ideal woman? Someone who understands your body isn’t Channing Tatum’s, someone who understands you have flaws.

    That you are not a perfect man, but it is okay if you’re not. You are not eye candy or plaything, and your woman should understand that. Your flaws and imperfections are something she should help you embrace, rather than something she should point out just to embarrass you.


    I am hopeful that this comprehensive guide has given you all you need to know about wife materials.

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