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No Internship This Long Vacation?, Here Are 6 Things You Can Use Your Time For


No Internship This Long Vacation?, Here Are 6 Things You Can Use Your Time For

Aside the theoretical aspect of studies, Undergraduates are given the opportunity to have an internship with a company of their choice to gain a practical knowledge in their field of study. For some faculties, it is compulsory and not for some faculties it is not. If you have no intention of having internship this long Vac., here are six beneficial things you can do with your time;

1. Reading.
There cannot be any other habit which can be more productive. To avoid monotony juggle different kind of books fiction, semi fiction, magazines which come on numerous topics these days like
travelling, lifestyle, food, spirituality, current events, movies etc.  Reading is very important since it can help you uncover the hidden, gain knowledge about something you had no idea of or can even help you gain a skill.
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2. Explore yourself.
There are various things to do at home like cooking, gardening, repairing lot of things at home, designing your own cloths, designing your room etc. If you click with anyone of those it will be a new experience, otherwise it will be useful in life and will earn you praises from family. Studies show that we are liked by what makes us unique, just imagine how your family will give you accolades when you know how to do something they would have spent a lot of money on giving it to an outsider.

3. Teaching kids from your neighbourhood, your relatives & friends’ kid . Demonstrate a new skill to them, interact with them, share recent developments in world, technology with them, share your experiences, Storytelling will be an interesting task. Let them feel what’s going on in the world by always keeping t

4. Visiting foster homes, orphanages, old age homes will be a new experience. Your visit will mean a lot to them and the interactions can be fun and produc

5. Join a gym if you want. But a fun way to keep you fit is to fix time of your day for your body. In that time do a new exercise daily like running, jogging, walking, cycling, running up & down on stairs, different type of crunches, squats and lot more so as to keep it interesting.

6. You can learn dancing, singing, playing a music instrument, new language all through apps available on play store and web among with other things.

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