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MTN donates special bed to the tallest student in SWESBUS


The biggest telecommunications giant in Ghana, MTN, has donated a special bed and a mono desk to the most tallest student ever admitted to the Swedru School of Business (SWESBUS).

The donation is in connection with a publication by the Daily graphic on the difficulties, Ebenezer Mensah goes through in accessing his bed and desk.

Shedding light on what he does at home, Mensah said due to his height, he always had to bend down before entering their house and rooms.

“ I can’t sleep on my own bed at home because it is too short for me, I always have to bend my legs while sleeping on the bed or rest on the upper frame up on the bed while my legs hang off the bed”.

After his plea went viral on social media, MTN Ghana visited him and decided to come to his rescue with a mono desk and a special bed plus mattress designed to suit his height. The bed is two times the size of a normal mono desk and bed according to his height which is 7.2 ft.

Presenting the relief items, Acting Regional Senior Manager for MTN Ghana, South West, Yakubu Mohammed said, the move was to being relieve for Ebenezer Mensah and help nurture his God given talent since the Nation doesn’t pay critical attention to people such stature.

Ebenezer Mensah is a 16-year-old day student and part of the gold track of students who started their senior high school education last Monday, November 12, 2018 and is currently studying General Arts at the Swedru School of Business.

He began his basic education at the Swedru Presbyterian Basic School but later moved to the Victory Preparatory School at Oteipro near SWESBUS, where he completed his basic education.

He is the only child of his parents and lives with his mother at Ankyease, a suburb of Agona Swedru.

Due to his gigantic height, Mensah is always the toast of his friends.

First day in school

When Ebenezer Mensah reported to SWESBUS on his first day on Monday, November 12, 2018 to go through the registration process, security men at the gate were curious about his height upon seeing him in the white, short-sleeved shirt over brown khaki shorts and black sandals that are prescribed as the school uniform.

They approached him to be sure he was a first-year student and not an imposter, before ushering him to the campus to be met by stupefied gazes.

When news of his presence went viral on campus, continuing students, both teaching and non-teaching staff abandoned their activities so they could catch a glimpse of their new sensational companion. Some went on to pose with him in front of their phone cameras. Classes were momentarily interrupted.

Mensah was welcomed with thunderous shouts and cheers from, particularly students who could not hide their amazement and shock at seeing him in the school.

Since then however, his presence in the school has become a trending issue, drawing the curious from far and near to the school.

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