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KNUST Admissions 2022: All Your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Answered Here

KNUST Admissions 2020: All Your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Answered Here
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Most universities have reopened their portals for applicants to vet their applications against their documents and make the necessary changes and corrections if any.

We at Success Africa have received a lot of questions regarding this year’s admissions processes and in our quest to diligently serve the interest of our cherished readers, we are just trying to answer the most frequently asked ones.

Kindly note that we at Success Africa, are not involved in any way whatsoever throughout the admission processes of the University and that our answers provided here are subject to decisions taken by the management of the university.

Applicants are therefore advised to only use this as a guide.

Kindly find below all the frequently asked questions about KNUST Admissions 2022 so far and answers provided below.

KNUST 2022/2023 Admissions Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is KNUST Admission still in progress?

Yes, KNUST will close its application on 30th November 2022.

2. Is the KNUST Admission list out?

KNUST has as of the publication of this post ( May 24, 2022) not released the admission list of applicants for 2022/2023 academic year.

3. When will KNUST Admission List be out?

Applications are list open and applicants have up to Tuesday November 30, 2022 to submit their application.

Therefore we can project that the admission list is likely to be released in the first week or maximum, the second week of December 2022.

4. Where are KNUST Admission form sold?

The KNUST admission forms, which is the E-voucher can be purchased at all Ghana Post regional and designated offices and all banks approved by KNUST.

5. When are KNUST Freshers reporting?

Looking at the set date for closure of applications, we can project that KNUST Freshers will be reporting in the second or third week of January, 2022

6. Are KNUST Forms still available?

Yes. KNUST will officially close for admission for 2022/2023 academic year on 30th November, 2022. The portal is still opened for for existing and new applicants.

7. When will KNUST Admission letters be out?

Successful applicants will receive an SMS from the University with a link to access their admission letter.

Your admission letter is automatically ready once you are offered a place and have been notified accordingly.

Kindly make sure the mobile number you used to fill your admission forms remains active in other not to miss any important notice(s) from the University.

8. When will KNUST Resume school?

The school will resume in the second or third week of January 2022 for Freshers.  Continuing students normally report a week after Freshers have reported.

9. What is the KNUST cut off Point of KNUST?

For the Cut off Point of KNUST, Kindly refer to this our post here for everything you need to know.

KNUST Cut Off Point For 2022/2023 Academic Year

10. I haven’t received any SMS from the University, Can I still make changes in my application?

Yes. It may be by a technical hitch that is why you have not received any SMS yet. Once the portal is opened, with or without the SMS, you can log in and affect any changes.