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How to Redeem MTN Points


In this article, we are going to show you how to redeem MTN points as a return on your investment.

MTN Ghana is the biggest telecommunication firm in Ghana. As of 2021, Ghana’s Scancom PLC (MTN) had around 4.2 million individuals actively subscribed to their voice services.

In the previous year, the subscriber base was lower, at approximately 3.1 million. MTN Ghana is the largest company in Ghana by market capitalization.

The company has been innovative, a reason why they have a huge customer base in Ghana. MTN is always introducing promotions to reward its loyal customers. One of the recent ones is the MTN Points.

The MTN loyalty points is a program introduced by the telecommunication giant to reward its users for using their services. Just like other products, this service also comes with its own terms and conditions.

You are required to be on the service for at least 2 years in order to qualify. And you have to be making calls, buying internet bundles and using the internet and making calls to qualify for the service.

This offer is available to all (PAYG) MTN customers only on the following terms:

1. Offer is for all Pay as you go customers who perform revenue generating
activity daily.

2. Customers have access to redeem On-net, non-network and Other rewards

3. Points accrued will not expire.

4. Every ten (10) pesewas spent earns the customer one (1) point.

5. Points accrued can either be used to redeem on-net offers (Airtime and Data) or

redeem discounts from third party vendors mentioned herein.

6. Third-Party vendors include but not limited to NyoNyo Foods and Just Chinese
in Accra, Santinos Fine Meats and Sausages in Kumasi.

7. Voucher codes generated after the customer redeems their points are valid for

thirty (30) days and cannot be used after expiry.

8. Points can be redeemed through the short code *482#.

9. Redemption of points will be per available on-net offers and negotiated

or packages from our third-party vendors for non-network offers.

10. A customer can only redeem an offer or get discount on same up to the total

of accrued points.

11. Active voucher codes can be viewed on the USSD menu *482#.

12. Usage of free/bonus airtime does not form part of customers spend for the
given period.

13. Terms and conditions will apply as per agreement with third parties for
non-network offers

How to Redeem MTN Points (Method 1)

To redeem your MTN points, kindly use the steps outlined below;

  • Dial *550# on your phone
  • Choose option 7 – More Rewards
  • Enter 99 – For More
  • Enter option 2 – Redeem Points
  • Select the package type you want to redeem; 1. Airtime 2. Data Bundle.
  • Choose from the available offers
  • MTN will send a message confirming that you have redeemed your points.

How to Redeem MTN Points (Method 2)

To redeem your MTN points, kindly use the steps outlined below;

  1. Open your phone’s dial pad
    2. Dial *482# and press send.
    3. Choose Option 1 to Check Your MTN Points Balance.
    4. You Are Eligible to Receive Your Rewards if your accumulated points are more than 1000.

Once the points are more than 1000, you are set to get your loyalty reward. The following are ways to use your accumulated points for.

How to Use MTN Points

1. To use your points for Airtime:

  • Dial the MTN Redeem Points Code *482#
  • Select 1 to Specify You Want to Redeem Airtime
  • Between The Keys, One To Seven, Select The Amount You Wish You Redeem

2. To Use Your Points For Internet Bundles:

  • Dial *482#
  • Select 2 to Choose Data Bundle
  • Between Keys, 1- 3, choose the pack you wish to have.
    1 Represents a daily pack
    2 Represents a weekly pack
    3 represents the monthly pack

Non-Network Rewards

  • Dial *482#
  • Select 3 to Choose Non-network Rewards
  • Between The Keys, One To Five, Select The Destination Where You Want to Spend Your Points.
  • With this option, you are given the flexibility to make a choice and get a percentage discount for all purchases.


In summary, one of the greatest returns on investment you can have using MTN is taking advantage of the MTN loyalty points.

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