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Easy Guide: How To Get Pink Lips


In this article, we are going to show you how to get pink lips without any side effects.

Do you often try to cover up discoloured lips with lipsticks? If you want to have naturally pink lips that are dewy soft, the good news is that it is very much possible!

There are several home remedies that you can try to make your lips pink permanently. You can also include certain foods in your diet and follow a few skin care rituals to achieve pink lips fast. Keep reading to know how to go about it.

How To Get Pink Lips

The following home treatments may help people keep their lips hydrated and smooth, while also temporarily increasing blood flow to the area:

A Pack of Aloe Vera and Honey

Honey and aloe vera both help keep the lips hydrated, making them soft and pink. To use both of them together, simply extract fresh aloe vera from the plant and use a blender to turn it into a gel.

Mix one tablespoon of this gel with one teaspoon of honey and apply. To see desired results, leave it on your lips for around 15 minutes and then wash it with water.

Lip scrubs

Gentle exfoliation can help remove dry skin that could be giving the lips a dull, rough appearance. It can also stimulate circulation, resulting in temporarily pink lips.

There are many lip scrubs available in stores or online. Alternatively, people can make their own by mixing sugar or salt with an oil such as sweet almond or coconut oil.

To use a lip scrub:

  1. Gently massage the scrub onto dry lips.
  2. Rinse off and pat the lips dry.
  3. Apply a lip balm.

The skin on the lips is delicate, so do not rub hard. Do not use lip scrubs more than once or twice per week, and do not use scrubs designed for the face or body, as these may be too harsh.

Lip massage

Massage can boost circulation to the lips, which may make them appear pinker. People can gently massage the lips once a day with a food-grade oil, such as coconut oil, before rinsing them off. Alternatively, people can leave the oil on overnight as a hydrating treatment.

Lip masks

Lip masks are treatments that involve applying a substance to the lips, leaving it on for a set amount of time, and then washing it off.

Some people report that lip masks containing turmeric improve the health and appearance of their lips. A 2018 systematic review of trusted Sources notes that turmeric may reduce hyperpigmentation on the face, which may explain why this ingredient is popular. However, more research is necessary to conclusively prove it works on the lips.

To make a turmeric lip mask:

  • Mix turmeric powder with coconut oil.
  • Apply to the lips and leave on for 15 minutes.
  • Wash off and pat the lips dry.

Note that turmeric can cause temporary staining of the skin around the lips.

Internal Hydration

Drinking more water to stay hydrated will keep your skin from being dry and sore. It will also keep your lips healthy and moist, as well as prevent lip darkening.

Peppermint oil lip balm

Some cosmetic companies use peppermint oil in lip balm to create a natural pink look. Peppermint oil contains menthol, a compound that can dilate the blood vessels when applied topically, according to a 2016 study.

This may result in temporarily flushed lips.

People can purchase lip balm that contains peppermint in stores or online. However, the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) advises that a person should avoid menthol and peppermint if they have chapped lips, as they can be irritating.


People can get pink lips naturally by using simple treatments, such as lip balms, scrubs, or masks. However, the effect will be temporary. Many at-home treatments that make the lips more pink work by increasing the blood flow to the area, which will eventually return to normal.

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