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How Much Is Passport Application In Ghana


How much is passport application in Ghana? We know this is one of the topics a lot of Ghanaians are searching for. In this article, we have indicated all the prices for the various passports in Ghana.

A passport is an official document for travel containing a person’s identity issued by a country’s government. Holders of a country’s passport can travel to and from other countries. They can also have access to help and advice by diplomatic agents to their citizens living or travelling overseas.

It is also an identity document and proves the holder’s nationality. A standard passport contains a person’s full name, place of birth, date of birth, photograph, signature, and date of issuance and expiration.

There are a variety of passports issued by different governments for different purposes. The most common are those given to citizens for normal travels. Other types of passports include

Emergency Passport or Temporary Passports

This is intended for short durations for people whose passports are lost or stolen and have no time to acquire a replacement.

Official Or Diplomatic Passports

These are passports issued to diplomats, heads-of-states or senior government officials on business travels. Diplomatic passport holders have the highest degree of immunity from border control officials.

The value of a passport is the measure of the number of countries that allow holders of their particular passports’ entry without a visa.

A Ghanaian passport is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration only.

It is given to Ghanaians who have been granted citizenship according to the nationality laws of Ghana. It is valid to travel anywhere globally, but the holders may need to obtain a visa from the country they are travelling to.

The three types of passport booklet in Ghana are the regular passport, the diplomatic passports, and the service passport. A Ghanaian can’t hold two or more valid passports of the same category at the same time.

The Ghanaian passport is a 32-page or 48-page booklet. Regular passports have a hunter green colour, diplomatic passports have an auburn colour, and cadet green in colour.

Information contained in a Ghanaian passport includes the type of passport, the code of the State issuing the passport, phone number, names, nationality, date and place of birth, sex, the residence of the applicant, date and place of issuance and the expiry date of the passports.

The documents needed for an online passport application are the printed appointment slip, birth certificate, identity card and proof of profession.

Required documents for a manual passport application are the filled passport application form, the printed appointment slip, birth certificate, identity card and proof of profession.

As of 2020, a 32-page and a 48-page regular or standard passport application voucher costs GH¢100 and GH¢150, respectively. An expedited or express passport application voucher for 32- page and 48-page passport applications cost GH¢150 and GH¢ 200, respectively, all up by 50%. An expedited passport application is processed faster than a regular passport application.

Available Application Types

1Expedited Application 48 PagesGH¢ 200.00
2Expedited Application 32 PagesGH¢ 150.00
3Standard Application 32 PagesGH¢ 100.00
4Standard Application 48 PagesGH¢ 150.00

Payment Channels for Processing Fees

1Ecobank GhanaVISA & MasterCard, MTN Mobile Money, Vodafone Cash.
2GCB BankVodafone Cash.
3Ghana.GovBranches nationwide.
4Zenith Bank GhanaMTN Mobile Money, Vodafone Cash, VISA & MasterCard.

A Ghanaian passport can be used for travels to 64 countries without visa and is valid for 10 years.


In this article, we highlighted all you need to know about prices of passports in Ghana.

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