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Application for Employment as a Teacher Letter Sample


An employment application is a formal way of responding to a job vacancy announcement or finding out if one has a fighting chance of getting employed in an organization. It is one of the steps firms use to invite potential working forces for their firms.

A pool of possible befitting candidates is shortlisted, and the best ones are recruited through this.

Today’s article is narrowing the application for employment to only teaching and how it is structured.

In Ghana, we don’t apply to be teachers in public institutions, and private institutions often require one to be employed as teaching staff. Students are often tasked to write application letters of this sort for academic purposes with a restricted number of words but often bulky.

In a real-life situation, no employer would want to go through pages of an application letter. For this reason, application letters are supposed to be as brief and concise as possible.

Any further relevant details about the applicant are often suggested to be stipulated in a CV and attached to the letter. It becomes necessary for every applicant to be straight with their points in the letter.

It is worth noting that the structure, the content, and the layout of your letter play a major role in gaining employment in the first place. Your application letter is an abstract representation of you, the individual, and makes the first impression way before you are called for an interview on one-on-one interaction.

This article will break down the structure and format of the letter and give you hints on what and what not to write in your letter.

All types of application letters are formal letters, and thus, one has to be as formal as possible from the beginning to the end, from the writing style to the layout of the texts and their positions.

Elements of a Good Application Letter

An application letter is said to be good when it has the following elements;

  • Your Age
  • Your Skill
  • Work Experience
  • Phone Number
  • E-mail me if you have any further questions
  • CV (Curriculum Vitae)

Application for Employment as a Teacher [Sample Letter]

(Writer’s Address)

(Employer’s Address)

Dear Sir/Madam,


I deem it an honour to write this letter to your esteemed office, and I write to be employed as a teacher in your renowned institution.

I am a young man at the age of 20, and I have had a two-year teaching experience as a form teacher and have gained adequate experience handling young ones and imparting knowledge is concerned. I am naturally passionate about everything I do and channel it to all spheres of my life where necessary.

I am a man of discipline and up to the task, and always render full service without petty distractions. I am punctual, dedicated, and hardworking. I am open-minded and always ready to learn new things, and duly accept constructive criticisms. I believe in teamwork and equally performing independently.

I have a history as a sportsman and pick a particular interest in athletic games as an extracurricular activity. I have developed a few skills on my own in the field and have a way of engaging pupils in such physical activities.

I am hoping that my application will be duly considered. I am looking forward to your response.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,


(Full Name)

(Phone Number and (or) e-mail)


  • Never use contracted words in any form of application letter (Formal Letters in general), e.g., don’t, won’t, etc.
  • Avoid the use of commanding statements and employ the service of submissive words.
  • Do not use informal words, slang, or jargon in a formal letter, e.g., wana, Trippin, capping, etc.

One may have to exclude other inappropriate elements in an application for an employment letter that hasn’t been captured here. Still, these are the major ones. Use the above to generate ideas and let them guide you in writing the best application for employment letters ever.


This article highlighted all you needed to know about writing an application for employment as a teacher.

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